I love a guy.
He loves me too.
He understands me and take care of me like no one else can.
I have never felt the bond I have with him with anyone else.
I can never get a guy like him in my life.
We are thinking of starting a family soon.
I cannot bear a child so we are going to adopt cute little kids.
We are earning well so we definitely can support those kid's future.
I can cook and he cooks too.
Guess we can balance up the chores as well.
We want to own a penthouse as it was his dream house.
We are reading about how to nurture a child in order to prepare ourselves mentally in future.
We are going to hire a nanny so she will take care of our kids while we are busy with work.
We want our kids to get a tertiary education and be successful in their life. 

But nobody blessed us. 
Nobody supported our decision. 
Yes, we are a GAY COUPLE. 

But read again. Do we sound as corrupted as how people are treating us? Can't we ever have a life on our own like how the heterosexuals are having?  Can we ever?

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