That's it! Let's Just Breakup!

So he forgot that it's Valentine's day today. That killed you deep inside because he did the same for your birthday, your anniversary, and also on your dog's or cat's birthday. How could he?

Chill ladies! Rather than making today the most depressing day, take control of the day instead! It's okay if he forgot that today is Valentine's day and it's okay if he forgot to give you gifts. Why don't you make the plans instead?. Make your day happen ladies!

You don't like the idea of making your own plans and also making him to follow it? Very well then! Make sure he makes it up for you instead.  There no point sitting and crying and staring at the 4 walls thinking why is he like that. Guess you will never get the answer. Like never ever! Hey! It's your day too remember?

 Rather than asking him why he forgot or why can't he take efforts to remember, give him a chance to make things better. If he doesn't take any effort to make things better than you know when to leave. :) Remember 'together' you both make love better. It's not one side thing.

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