8 Facts Of Being a Malaysian Indian!

1. Whatever you do signifies something and its either its a good thing or a real bad thing. Ex: When you enter a new house for the first time, you have to use right leg to step in first or things are not going to be good for you.

2. Your cousin will be your husband/wife in no time in future, so be careful! Using the word brother or sister to them don't work at all. Especially when the guy has a great job then the girl is confirmed as his.

3. Curry is one thing you can never live without! Bread with curry, rice with curry, thosai with curry, literally everything can go well with curry. Owh do try mee hoon with curry.

4. Respect for parents are always there no matter how old you get. Even if you're 60 years old, you still have to kneel down in front of your parents and get blessing from them.

5. "You're an Indian and you don't know on how to play chess? It's a shame on YOU!" (I don't know how to play chess and I'm an Indian)

6. You better be a pro when it comes to maths or else everybody is going to give that death stare at you.

7. Indian parents only know 3 jobs in the world - Doctor, engineer and lawyer. Even my family got one doctor! Why? Cause we are an Indian aren't we?

8. You don't have to travel anywhere. All you have to do is pay a god damn RM10 and just sit and watch any Indian movie songs which shows great lanscape scenes and that itself will give you the feeling of going to so many countries.

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