10 Perks Of Having A Malaysian Girlfriend

1. She believes in all 3 Chinese, Malay and Indian superstitions.  Like for example, don't open the umbrella inside of the house or ghost will appear in the house.  Don't go near a banana tree at night or you will be possessed. Don't sing in the kitchen or you will end up marrying an old man. *It's a good thing, right? No? :p

2. She will ask for food at 2 am and it's because in Malaysia you can get food anywhere at any time. Lots of food court and also 'Mamak' (Nasi Kandar) are opened just for such people in Malaysia. So be prepared if you an eater! It's time for both of you venture the food world together!

3. She is ready to try to eat literally anything. She is well trained in Malaysia to eat char keow teow, nasi lemak, and roti canai one shot. So don't worry about what she can't eat.

4. She will watch literally every language's movie and drama. Not forgetting, Philippine, Indonesia Mexican, and also, Korean dramas and she also might master the language over time. 

5. Bollywood is not only for Indians because most Malay girls can sing Dilwale song! Give a try ;)

6. Don't get surprised when a girl ask, "Macha you want to makan (eat) here or want to tapau (take away)". It consists of Indian, Malay, Chinese and English word. Right! It's normal if a girl to use 'macha' in Malaysia and the 'Bahasa Rojak' (mixed language) is used to the extreme.

7. 'Lah' is a must to be used. Why? Because we are from Malaysia lah! *Why is this even a perks? I don't know! LOL!

8. Everybody is not only aunty and uncle for her. She also has Anne (brother) and Akka (sister) in every 'mamak' shop and Pak cik (uncle) and Mak cik (aunty) in every Malay people shop. 

9. If you're on a date with her, it's okay if you're late. Why? Because she is a Malaysian girl and according to 'Malaysian timing' she will definitely be late as well. *Feels like winning a jackpot??

10. You want to travel and she doesn't want to follow? Bribe her with FOOD! She will be up to travel to any place even if it takes few hours to reach there just for getting the food sake. After all, she is a Malaysian lah!

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