Is It Okay To Fight Often?

So my friend asked me, what I feel bout couples who argue a lot because of different opinions. She said her boyfriend and she have been arguing a lot lately and that is a kind of turn off between them. 
My response was "If you both are arguing then it’s a good thing because something is going on between of you".

Completely stunned she said “How is that even a good thing?” Like as if I said World Wars happened for a good reason. After thinking for some time I replied her question” Well, in my opinion I feel that arguing is better than not having any type of conversation going between my boyfriend and me. With arguments, my boyfriend can get to know what I like and I can get to know what he likes. Of course by sharing, we can achieve this but not everybody shares and when some people do share, it tends to end in an argument which again comes back to the earlier standpoint. Arguments in a way will give us time to understand about ourselves and we will get to know about each other way better.

If you look into it, arguments take place because of different opinions that we have about stuff. Both can't be wrong because people have their own opinion. Most of them have opinions based on their experiences in life. If one person hates coffee due to bad childhood experiences and another argues telling coffee is heaven just because he or she loves it, then it’s not going to make the coffee taste any better for the person who had bad childhood experience from coffee. But now since they know one of them love coffee and another hates coffee so be like it. It’s important for you to know what your partner like but it’s not a must for your partner to like whatever you like.

Understanding what I said, she asked me “So what you think they should do?” Well, both should argue and get to know their preferences and at the end of the day when they can't find a good conclusion, they shall let a good laugh out thinking how great the fight went between them because the purpose of sharing the opinions is not to see who is right or wrong but it is to learn about each other and love each other more after knowing the differences between them.
She smiled and said nothing after that. I think she knows what to do. Now you know on what to. Cheers!

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