I Was Sexually Harassed..

I was sexually harassed... At that time this poor soul didn't know what sexual harassment means. I did grow in a safe surrounding until that day.

After Pre-U, while waiting for results, I worked for 9 months to kill time. Just like other days, I was waiting for my mum to come and fetch me near shop lots at 9.30 pm. It is a lonely place with only a restaurant running while the other shops close at sharp 9pm.

I love to listen to my playlist while waiting for mum and I did the same that day as well. I saw a man was sitting somewhere close to where I'm waiting for my mum. Just so I don't disturb his privacy I walked away from that place and sat at another place.

I was chilling by listening to my playlist and I had this sudden urge to check if somebody is around me. When I turned I saw the same man standing not so far away from me but in a hiding manner, holding his penis and masturbating!

For the first time, I faced the fight or flight situation and I chose to flight and now I regret why I chose flight. I should have broken his face instead! How dare he?!

I ran and entered the restaurant which was though quite far away but that's the only nearest shop which has people in it. I did freak out but I couldn't tell anyone about what I just faced.

I sat down not believing whatever just happened to me and ordered a drink. I was gasping for air that the waitress noticed me being weird. I called my mum immediately asking her to come and fetch me as soon as possible.

Mum did freak out after listening to my voice tone. I did not tell her the details but as she promised she did come as fast as she could.

It was 2 days of hell! I couldn't go anywhere. Sort off got trapped in my room feeling traumatised. I cried to my mum telling that, "I feel scared mum. I don't want to work anymore. I got no guts to go to that place anymore,"

What my mum told next changed my life! If you can't face the outside world then how about your Australia dreams? It will be even worst there. People might even show guns at you. You want to forget it all and just stay in your room for the rest of your life?!"

Okay at that particular time, I found my mum's words to be very cruel. But that's when that "independent CJ" born in me. I stood for myself. I threw the fear away. Studying abroad has always been my dream and I will never let it die just because one dog tried to ruin my life.

To think of it, he doesn't even deserve to be called as a dog. He is a piece of shit which needs to get rid off from this world.

To all of you young ladies out there. Though I was there hiding under my pillows now I am living all alone far far away from home. I am called as nothing but a very independent and brave lady. Don't worry. We can do this. <3



  1. this is scary, carry a pepper spray with you always.
    you have short umbrella with you? can use to protect self too.

  2. There are so many perverts around us, men as well as women. We have to be alert at all times. Never let these incidents change the way we lead our life.