20 Types Of People On Tinder!!

1. The Swipe Boys
They only swipe but take no effort to text first. Well, let the old school remind you something guys. The guys have to make the first move. Yup, I am the old school here.

2. The Models.
I don't know if they are really a freelance model but god damn they look hot!

3. The Sweety Pie
They are very caring or should I say they act caring so the girls will fall for them. Sometimes it's just too obvious.

4. The Socializer
I am not here to find a date. I am here to find friends. Tinder is a dating app bro. Just a kind reminder. *I did this btw :p

5. The Right On Face Guy
I'm here to hook up and nothing else. You can see that on their bio. I respect you all!

6. Animal Lover
Even on Tinder, they can put their dog or cat picture. -_- Bro you should be ADVERTISING YOURSELF!

7. Gym Freak
When you see half-nude pictures with packs, you know that you're either looking at a gym trainer who wants you to book him or you're looking at someone who dates the gym more than the girls. Don't date him, if you love to eat sinful food. *Just kidding

8. The "Hey" Guys
Trust me, I have seen many guys who came up with great lines. But to see "hey" is definitely frustrating.

9. Being Clingy Is Your Second Name?
So there was once I had a very good conversation with this guy and I got busy so I did not open my Tinder for one whole day. Guess what? I received a total of 16 messages from him. One message every hour. Unmatched on the spot. *Sorry not sorry

10. Flirty Ones
When they send kisses emoticons for no reason. Unmatched. *Still sorry not sorry

11. The New To Town Guy
Isn't it cute to show people around as they are new to town? No, it's not. Unmatched.

12. Ex-boyfriend
It sucks to see your ex-boyfriend on Tinder. May you get matched with a whore so you can get the taste of your own medicine. *I'm not always this bad.

13. The Meet Up Guy
I personally don't usually meet tinder guys unless I find them to be real nice and interesting. It really sucks when someone forces you to meet them up. You know what would have happened now. Unmatched on the spot. *Sorry not sorry

14. Who The Hell Are You Guy
When you're using Tinder, suddenly Tinder gives you notification that you matched with this new guy and you're like, I have never seen you in my whole life before. When the hell did I matched you? Unmatched full with guilt. *Really sorry

15. Groupie Boys
Are you trying to play "Find Me" game here? SWIPED TO THE LEFT WITHOUT EVEN THINKING FOR A SECOND!

16. Alien
Guys, it's not okay to have Justin Bieber's picture as your Tinder picture. IT'S NOT OKAY. Seriously.

17. The Half Nude Masters
Other than their face, you can see everything else. I had to wash my eyes with bleach guys! Stop it!

18. Ghost
When they have a black photo as their main picture with no other pictures. What are you trying to say now??

19. The Quote Guy
He has a quote image as the main picture. Thanks, you just made my day. Swiped left.

20. The F*ck Boys
They have a girlfriend and yet they want to hook up with other girls. F*ck boysss -_-

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