Are You On Your Period Sir??

When we see a cranky female, the first thing we say is she must be on her period. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Today definitely changed the whole idea of it. I think guys are getting a period as well and here is why.

So today, I went to post office to settle some stuff. I felt super alienated because I just don't know how their thing works. Today is the first time I entered that place. Thank god that I'm smart enough to know that I must get a ticket before I wait for hours in that waiting area.

Now, where is that guy or girl who is supposed to attend a freaking dumb girl like me? Resting cause of cramps? Dude that was like 11 am and it wasn't even lunch time! Okay so, somehow I managed it. Still a little smart I suppose.

Then I went to this counter and I told him that I want to send a parcel to someone. As I told you before, I really don't know how this shit works! Therefore, I asked him a few maybe dumb for others but not for me questions. Next, I regretted on why I even entered that place first of all. I should have used the private parcel senders.

He replied me with a very high tone and you must see how he actually took a deep breath before he answered my questions. That showed how annoyed he was with my questions.  He actually showed his temper to me like it's nobody's business. I just asked him what are the charges of the parcels by the way. -_-  Rude. Very rude. I was offended because he was way rude than me. *oopss

Well, if it was the old me, I would have said "thank you" and left on the spot but now that I'm a little matured and I get it that he must be on his period. I actually smiled and settled my stuff. I didn't annoy him with more questions. As much as I really very badly wanted to ask a few more questions but I got no guts to play with someone who is on period yeah.

I couldn't get rid of the memory of the customer service he gave me. Next time if you're on a period pain just take a holiday like how the ladies will do. Don't ruin other people's mood by showing your face to them. Now we all know how a good customer service can make our day and how a bad customer service can ruin our day. I wish I never have to deal with that guy ever again!

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  1. Haha!! loved this, funny written and really fun to read at the same time! Keep it up!