Had The Worst Experience In A Workshop!

My confidence level is high, there is no doubt in that. To have this beautiful speaker, with a great body and an excellent hold of sarcasm, to constantly talk about how I present myself out there, actually shook my confidence level to the core. For a moment, I really thought I am a wreck when it comes to a dressing up!

I dress well. I follow the trend sometimes and most of the time I stick to black as I feel "If you're confused, black is the answer". Believe it or not! It has always worked for me! To have her saying, that we should be playing with colours when it comes to dressing up, is definitely something which is opposite to what I have in my mind. 

It got even worst when a majority of her client's before and after photos, is about how they transformed from wearing black and white to colours. True indeed. All her clients looked great when they wore outfits which are not black and white. They pulled off yellow and green real well. (Maybe, because they were pale yellow and I am brown. *Racist Alert *Opps)

For a moment, I sat thinking "Maybe I need to revamp myself and transform the way I dress up." While I was still thinking, they showed the price of each program. The range was from RM 40 000 to RM 2 000. Of course, the most expensive has more benefits involved. It was rather a good rate for those who wants to revamp their self, though. (If you want to know more details, then email me)

Then I realised that I have my own reasons on why I love to wear black. It enhances my skin colour and hey, I look very elegant and classy in it. NOPE! I am not going to pay RM 2 000 so I can learn on how to wear yellow, green or brown (Whichever suits my skin colour which they will analyse and tell me once I register for their workshop). 

I love wearing black and so black is what I am going to wear (*Rebelling at its best now) Maybe I will gradually change my interest to dark blue and dark red but not to a bright colour. (*BLACK AS MY SOUL)

Just because they are professionals and they judge the way we do things, means we have to change the way we are for their sake. NO! If you can defend yourself then keep defending yourself. At the same time, don't blindly defend yourself as well.

Get advice from your close friends and also from people whom you meet from time to time. Make sure that you are dressing well and not be a piece of a wreck in public. (*Ask your relatives. They sure know how to condemn you well.)

My dearie sisters are my fashion critics. Well, you know that you can get a very honest and right to your face answer from your own blood. If you think you are not representing the best of you then it is time for a revamp ladies. If you think you need help from professionals then email me so I can give you their details. 

~Comfort Is The Key~

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