Herbal Tea Hit My Face Like There is No Tomorrow!

Sunday, 12/3/2017

Woke up at 8.00 am cause I had tutoring class at 10 am. Yes, I teach. I am surprised as well with the fact that I teach when I am well known for being a very impatient person. My students definitely taught me by slapping my face that being impatient is a waste of time and you can't get anything out of it. Well.

My 10-year-old student behaved like a sweety pie today. Taught him few important things. Played a game with him and ended the class. Reached home by 12.45pm. Rested for 15 minutes.

Rushed to the food review. One thing about attending events and reviewing is WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR?! Seriously sometimes I spent hours thinking about it. Finally, made my mind and left to Pavilion by GRAB car.

Reached and saw very familiar faces. Yup,  I saw majority bloggers whom I met yesterday. Had a great time talking to them then my face changed when I realized that I am going to review on HERBAL TEA! OMG!

I hate anything which is too healthy. I am just not that girl who can eat salad and live her life. GIVE ME CHEESE OR ELSE I WILL EAT YOU! I am not even kidding! I take cheese almost every day!

Gulped at the herbal tea which they displayed in front. They gave me something purple which was made from butterfly pea to try and to my surprise it was delicious. I liked it.

Then I ordered one which was made of coconut milk and pineapple. My fear came to me running. It was terrible. I mean it was okay I suppose but I couldn't handle the fact that it tasted super healthy. My mom would have loved it. NOT ME! NOT AT ALL! NO WAYYYYYYYYY!!

Smiled. Covered the fact that I really can't drink it. Ran away from the group. Said RIP to my drink (I don't want to talk about what happened to it :p)

Got trapped in Pavillion at 6 pm due to the thunderstorm. Waited for my GRAB for hours. Finally, my friend saved me. Had a good Chinese hawker food at Jalan Pudu. Went home around 10 pm and now back to assignments and finals preparation.

P.s: Why I didn't even meet one cute guy today? Eyes were on all over the places, up and down, left and right and yet no cute guy was spotted at the scene! #Dissapointed

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