I Am Going To Blog Daily!

Yes, I am going to blog daily and therefore starting from this second this blog shall be a personal blogggg. Jeng jeng jengggg. To those who have been stalking my personal life, from today there is no need for you to stalk. Just read my blog and you will get every single detail on what I'm doing and you can plan on how to backstab me more efficiently after this.

Saturday, 11/3/2017

It was a day where I slept peacefully. Woke up at 11.00 am (Oppss, Don't tell my mom that I slept so late kayyy) and so relaxedly I switched on my wifi and laptop so I can take bath, make breakfast and start to work on my assignments. 

Buzzzzz. Got a message on my phone and it turned out to be from Roots and Shoots (Jane Goodall's program). Just a reminder, today's meeting will start at 12.00 pm at 7, Lorong Kasah Tepi. I choked!

I FORGOT! I totally forgot that I have R&S's meeting today. I already planned to meet my sister and also had a food review today. How am I going to jumble up all 3 important appointments today? 

Yes, I had to *sacrifice my sister in the process of trying to jumble up. I didn't completely cancel the plan, though. Which I would have if I am meeting some random friends but IT'S MY SISTER and I didn't meet her for more than three months now.

So I got ready, went to R&S at 12.30 which was late (I am always late because I follow Malaysian timing bro :p). Met lovely people. Took my lunch with them. Had a very productive meeting. Signed myself to a gardening project (this is where I pray for green thumb) 

Not to forget, something really sweet happened BTW. It was ice breaking time and when it was my turn I sort off was very shy but somehow introduced myself in a flow. I was touched when the organizer showed thumbs up to me and from far he said you did a great introduction without grabbing other people's attention! 

I was smiling the entire day because of it. ACTUALLY, I DID A TERRIBLE INTRODUCTION OF MYSELF though it went in a flow. Sort of embarrassing for me to be honest. This is what I said, "Hi I am Chuojashni, you can call me CJ. I got to know about R&S two years ago and volunteered for an event and here I am again. Looking forward to more." 

The problem is they asked me to share on why I joined R&S. I was so nervous that I completely forgot to talk about that! Haha. When he showed the emotional support I was like "Awww why you so sweettttt". Okay, enough of me talking about how sweet he was. I can go on for a week!

Left R&S at 2.30 pm. Met my sister. Shopped a bit. Changed my watch battery after months. Made my sister pay for that. (This is how I take advantage of my blood) Hehehe. It was a very short meet up, though. 

At 3.55 pm I left to Berjaya Times Square for a food review. Another amazing food review experience. Most bloggers are really friendly, to be honest. Their PR is really good. They can open up a conversation about anything at any time. 

Reviewed on different types of milk tea and on waffles. Had a good conversation with them. It is really nice to listen to other people's thought on stuff. It is so different from my opinion and that made me think a lot. Not to forget, one of the bloggers gave a brutally honest review to the organizer which I shall not reveal what exactly he said.

It was nice to hear his opinion in particular. It's obvious that he really doesn't care about what other think of him. He just hopes that his opinions will change the situation and make it better. So to those who are reading to this point, YOU'RE STILL READING?

I thought you would have left the post as soon as I said this is a personal blog! LOL! Anyway, what I was about to say is, don't think twice to share your thoughts. It's okay to hurt people's feelings now than later.

Left at 6.00 pm. I regretted that the review was in Times Square. Too many sales signs were screaming out loud at majority shops. Controlled the temptations and bought only 4 cloths (Why CJ whyyy) 

Got my dinner in NU Sentral. Reached home. Done with the day! I loved that I had back to back appointments though I had no break until 6.00 pm. This is how my usual schedule will look like actually. The time I get back home I will be totally wrecked and I have to work on the blog post, picture editing, video editing, assignment, and finals preparation. 

Yes, I am still alive and other people's schedule is far way worse than mine. So no complaints and I love my life though it is not perfect. <3

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