I went to a fashion show and the next thing I saw startled me!

So when I was walking by this shopping mall to get my grocery items and I saw the main entrance of the mall was so crowded. Guess what? It's a fashion show! I was super excited thinking, "Oh great I can get to see live fashion show after some time now. What a lucky day." Then I was browsing for the VIP to see if I can see any familiar face but it's obvious that the show has not started and some VIP's are true VIP's, coming early is just not their thing and it's the last thing that we can expect from them. No, I'm just kidding. Don't sue me dear VIPs.

Next, I started to search for the models. Who knows I might bump into some artist or something right. It's a very prestigious mall by the way. The next thing I saw startled me!

Wheelchairs. Yes, I saw people in wheelchairs and not forgetting I saw old aged people as well. They were all well dressed and well groomed. I was initially just browsing from far to have a glance and leave as I was rushing but when I saw all of that I literally stopped and started to check on what's really happening.

It's a fashion show modeled by disabled and also by aged people to the public. The sight of it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen so far. You must have seen the models face. They were so happy and excited about the show. Some were nervous and trembling that they were holding the hands of the people right next to them.

I watched the show until the end and hard to deny that the crowd was overwhelming too. I had a great time watching them! They nailed it. They really did a great job. I wonder whose idea is it to come up with a brilliant idea. It made my day.

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