Love is a Beautiful Feeling

 So you're on a date and you're very happy and excited about it. He is cute and smart and not to forget he makes you blush like no one else can. You can feel the butterfly flying in your tummy filling up the empty space just to make things even worst. Both of you planned to watch a movie and here you are staring at the huge screen looking at nothing and could think of nothing but your ex-boyfriend.

     The moments you had with your ex-boyfriend just a few months back. Those sparks you felt with him destroying every single moment you are having with your date now. Tears are flowing from your eyes and you couldn't stop it because you feel like exploding. You turn to your right looking at your date who is watching the humor genre movie with a serious face knowing that you're not okay.

      He turns and looks straight at you and though it is pitch black but the lights from the screen are so bright that you can even see his eyes staring at you full with hope. A hope that you will move on from your past and will start to enjoy the time with him. He holds your hand even tighter than before ensuring that everything is going to be alright and you're stronger than you think.

      That is where you realized that everybody is strong and it's just that they don't know how to trigger and enhance that part in themselves.

Love like there is no tomorrow and at the same time remember that moving on is a very vital part of life because change is the only thing which will not change. <3 CJ

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  1. It's life and sometimes we just need some extra time for healing.