Nope I am Not Going To Blog Daily!

This website is not known as Crappy Blogger for fun. It sometimes can get real crappy and I am not even kidding. Yes, my schedule is eating me up so I am going to stop blogging every day.

Wednesday 14/3/2017
Woke up at 9 am. Left to tutoring class. Wondering which student will be home at 10 am after bunking school? IGCSE Cambridge Extended Maths student will be home at 10 am apparently. They schedule is more like university schedule like.

Right now I must have sounded like I am a maths geek because I teach IGCSE Extended maths and SPM maths. Well, you know what? I talk maths, I walk maths and I dive in maths! The only subject which I scored back then and now. Can see why I am not scoring well in degree? (Mummy don't read this! I AM KIDDING)

Finished tutoring class at 1.00 pm. Left to Subang Bestari to attend my class at HELP University. Yup, no breakfast, and lunch. I starve every Wednesday! Reached university at 2.45pm. Ate as fast as I could cause I felt like FAINTING!

Attended my 'loves' class with a smile. I love my lecturer because he is SUPER SMART!! Nothing serious but I am sapiosexual. Smart guys attract me like there is no tomorrow. I adore this lecturer because I can hardly understand when he speaks.

It is like a train just bashed everything and left the place. He speaks hell fast! Can say that I signed for his class so I can see him. Muahahaha. (OKAY I'M KIDDING MUMMY) He talks based on facts and he shares a lot of knowledgeable stuff.

Left my class halfway. Went to tutoring class at 5.00 pm. Taught. Left home at 7.00 pm. Met a lovely woman in MRT who asked me on where to get down to go to a specific place. She is currently pursuing PhD.

I was like damn! I wanna be you! She just laughed out loud and said trust me you had loved your current position now than being on my foot step. A degree is somehow a stage where you are being spooned fed but Ph.D. is where the supervisor will throw the file at your face and say nothing but "Redo".

I was like *Gulp. She continued by saying, yes, you have to be very independent. Don't worry. You can do it once you're there. Left her with ample of information on where to go and stuff. Her words were encouraging and alarming at the same time.

I can't wait to start my Ph.D., to be honest. Let's finish our current stage gracefully and climb the stairs gradually. One day.

Reached home at 8.30 pm. Made dinner. Prepared a few stuff for assignment and I am done with the day. Can today be anymore tiring? Haihh.

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