Wives, Be Subordinate to Your Husbands?

No! I will never be subordinate to my husband. When you a making a family, I believe both parents are equally important to produce a healthy family. Then why is it that the breadwinners must be seen as a god and the caretakers must be seen as a dog? Okay. I am sorry for taking it too far.

When it comes to making a decision in a family, I believe in "Our" opinion rather than "His" opinion or "Her" opinion.

Personal experience:
I told this guy whom I dated for some time, that I want to venture few things and he said no on the spot. Well, clearly that is "his" opinion. There was no "our" opinion as he didn't discuss it with me though I tried to explain him on how important that matter is for me. I think you can guess what would have happened now. Yes, I stopped seeing him.

Why must I sacrifice my happiness and the important things in my life for someone who doesn't even bother seeing things in "our" point of view? Well, let me explain what "our" point of view means. When it comes to "our" point of view, the pros and cons need to be discussed. 

If you say no to something then you need to say it with a solid reason. If you say yes then you need to give me a reason for it as well. Of course, I have to explain myself to you on why I want to do it and for god damn sake you gotta listen to it!

Then the decision whether or not I should pursue something though I want it very badly can take place and that final decision will be "our" decision. Being in a relationship is not easy guys. Don't take it for granted.

Why I stopped seeing him is easy to be explained. I want a happy relationship. I take relationships very seriously and if a guy is making me as his subordinate when I have my own point of view to share then I rather stay single. 

In another way of saying if a guy is not ready for "our" opinion stage and would rather stick with "his" opinion, then I would rather wait for "our" opinion type of guy.

For the meantime, I will single and be very happy with "my" opinion. I truly don't need "his" opinion to ruin my happiness cause you live only once. Headache? Yeah, I got that too after reading my own statement! LOL!

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