You Have Lived Your Life All Wrong!

You have lived your life wrong if by the age of 20 where you're doing a degree but you have zero knowledge of what life is all about.

You have lived your life wrong if by the time you reach 30 and you have zero bank balance.

You have lived your life all wrong!

Now let me explain myself if my statement sounds very implausible. At the age of 20, certain students study and pass an exam for the sake of getting that "gold dipped paper" which is going to certify your knowledge's credibility.

Now, that certifies that you are a book smart but it definitely doesn't certify that you are a street smart. How well can you make someone to agree to your statement? How can you conquer a conversation and get what you want out of it?

If you have knowledge on IT, do you know how business works? If you have knowledge in Psychology, do you know how business works? Looks like I am repeating the same statement and yes I am. Do you know how business works? Do you know how the corporate world works?

Believe it or not, only if the economy is prosperous then your life will be prosperous. Not knowing anything about it will lead you to a game where you do not know how to go to a next level. Life is a gamble where it is full of tricks and treats.

You have to make the right move to know which hustle is bringing you forward and which hustle is bringing you backwards. Be a street smart while learning as much as you can from all the fields. One website I can suggest you is *This is not a sponsored post as much as I would like it to be.

I am writing this as I am observing the fact that the current generations are too naive to understand how the world really works. Life is good for you now? Soon or later it would not be. I am there now and I don't really like it. From interviews to getting a job to adapting to the work life. Only 5% of the book is used here. The rest is about you hustling to make a living!

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