Colour Workshop, First Shoot and I was Rather Embarrassed!

If you are reading this then congratulations as Chuojashni is going to rant about her life and you are one of the first to read it. Be cautious as Chuojashni curses like there is no more tomorrow. *Vulgar words alert.


It was a Saturday morning. It should have been a free day for me as in a week I only get one day off which is a Saturday. Well, as usual, this Saturday I had a workshop to attend at 10 am. I woke up at 8 am and only then I started planning on transport.

To those who don't know me. I am a freaking last minute case ya. I can really do stuff 30 minutes before due. For instance, like studying 10 chapters 30 minutes before the exam. *Like a Boss

Well, only then I remembered that the venue is at PUCHONG! It takes 40 minutes to go from my place to Puchong by car and I wanted to take the public transport as Grab charged about RM36.00 -_-.

Believe it or not, I left my house at 9 am and I reached at 10.30 am. Yes, I was 30 minutes late. But I spent only RM 9.00. Hehehe. I took Grab to Masjid Jamek and it cost me RM 7.00. Then I took LRT to Bandar Puchong Station and that cost me RM2.00 cause I used student card. *Use your privilege right guys!

It was a colour workshop where they gave a talk on why black is not the right colour for us. (Will be blogging on this soon). Reaching there and I saw almost everyone wore colour except for one or two. 

I was definitely a bad ass lady as I wore black head to toe. *They must have hated me

In the message, they told that light refreshment will be served. Due to so-called time constraint (Actually, I planned last minute and I didn't even realise that I have to go PUCHONG -_-) I couldn't get my breakfast and planned to get it at there instead.


I got a mild heart attack but I went in strongly ignoring my tummy which was already making noise since 9.30 am. The workshop was interesting as I learned a number of things.

The speaker attacked me at one point of time by saying, "You look like you're in your 20's so it is fine to wear black now but when you're 35 you will look 10 YEARS OLDER!" *Ouch... 

Through an activity, I learned that I have a warm skin so my ideal colours are dark colours like red, blue and brown. Finally, I can try to add colours to my fit for funeral clothes. 

Then, at one point of time when the speaker was talking about hair colour, I raised my hand to ask her one question and I became a guinea pig. She actually called me in front and used me to test her colour palette. NO! I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY. Well, at least now I am having it right after you called me in front.

After being a guinea pig and being exhibited in front of all I went back to my sit wishing to slowly disappear. Finally, we were done with the workshop. 

Then I rushed off to my house to get my stuff for the shoot. I scheduled it at 2 pm initially and I had to reschedule to 3.30pm as I am really bad at planning. Only got my breakfast + lunch at 3.30 pm with my photographer.

Finally, we went to the spot and I got every shot of mine just like how I wanted it to be. My photographer was full with patients. He entertained every request of mine without being annoyed as I was really demanding. *Muahahaha 

Most, pictures came with the perfect angle but my face was terrible as I was extremely exhausted. I couldn't get the natural smile out and he had to take the same shot about 30 to 40 times just because I couldn't smile well. LOL! 

Guess what I did to avoid wasting the time? I  chose to frown and have serious face instead. The shot was a winner. I am best at not smiling. *smiling widely now

The shoot was initially planned with 5 outfits at 3 locations but we could only carry out 4 outfits at 2 locations. 

First, because the sun was leaving as it finishes work around 7 pm and my shoot was an outdoor shoot and the sun is what  I need the most as a source of lighting.

Second, because Isetan was closed at 7 pm due to Raya so I couldn't get my shot in Isetan as I wished.

The embarrassing moment was when we were at the Pavilion and I wanted a shot with the crowd at the back of me. So, we had to do it where there are A LOT OF PEOPLE.

Trust me. I really wished that I am invisible and only the camera can spot me. *I need my pictures somehow right? LOL!

Finally, we were done with the shoot at 7.30 pm and got a proper dinner at Old Town White Coffee. After finalising the pictures, I left at 9.30 pm.

Reached at KL Sentral at 10 pm and believe it or not I waited for nearly 30 minutes to get a GRAB car. I suppose most GRAB drivers balik kampung (went back hometown). How nice. I wish to go back to. Anyways.

Was home around 11 pm and finally could get some sleep. That's how my Saturday went.  

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