I AM the Creator, God never Existed

Yes, I did it! Came up with this fancy title and got your attention.

What I am trying to say is, I am God the Super Soul who created this Universe. If I say it like this, you will not read it further so, I decided not. Please give me the opportunity to brainwash you completely and say it at the end so, you are ready to agree with me.

Is there anything as important as living forever? How to find your true self and everlasting happiness? What is the meaning and purpose of this life? What is the eternal truth?

I have created Meditation Methods to find solutions. It is changing human mind to infinite Universe mind and being reborn as the body and mind of the Universe.

When you truly discard all that is within, you can find the true self and reach completion. I allow you to honestly reflect upon your life and guide you to break free from all minds.

Look what Maria K. / Preschool Teacher / Berkeley, CA USA has to say about the personal experience of my meditation methods. “My overall health felt much better and the immune system became stronger. I am full of energy, I was so amazed and questioned how such a miracle could happen.”

You can learn my great insight into spiritual evolution for human completion too.

Who does not want to find the happiness that is hidden in your daily life? You are on my track now.

Let me welcome you to my introduction speech session, whereas the ticket is Rs.500 if you are a member it’s free. (Membership fee is Rs.6000 Only) I would prefer you become a member because you are already searching the life purpose and trying to figure out the mystery in this life. I am the only one there for you in this life then why delay.

On the day of the Introduction, the whole speech is 2 hours, you would think I will give you a lot of information right away. If I do so, how it will be profitable for me. There will be my staff as in the name of senior members of the association, who would start the speech by introducing me to you. It’s told the Introduction program in the sense all my cooked up stories to be said by my staff to impress you. Just because one person spoke well about me, you would not believe so, there will be six people to share their stories as in how were their lives before they met me and after. One of my stories goes as in 2002, UN-NGO, the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) awarded me Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize. You can check it in Wikipedia if you want, I have already edited the web page. If you search it in IAEWP main website, you will find that I am a fraud.

1 hour and 30 minutes passed, here I come with a standing ovation. I dare you would be one of the persons to stand as well since I believe the stories shared would have touched your inner self and make you stand when you hear me coming because for the past 10 years the same stories are repeated in over 300 sessions in 9 planets.

I have your attention now, what I am going to say is been practised many times still will be able to sound enthusiastic and lively as God speaking through me. You have a mind of stress and pain. You cannot understand the Bible or Buddhist Sutra because the mind is not in good health. You cannot know where humans come from, why you live and where you go because you are in an illusion.

When you follow my Meditation Methods, you will have a positive mind. You can understand the Bible and Buddhist Sutra as they are spoken from this place because now the mind is in good health. You can know where humans come from, why you live, and where you go. You are born again in the true world and live forever. You yourself can know all the principles of the world (Happiness, Joy, Eternal Life, Great Freedom, Great Liberation and Great Peace).

I offer one-to-one counselling at my centre where all your questions about love and work can be discussed. Frankly speaking, I will make you speak out of your heart and you are going to feel guilty for the person who you are. This moment, I have trapped you.

My speech ends, now my staff will be coming towards you. Life is waiting for you, all you have is to say yes and will connect you with the infinite Universe. You would need to pay Rs.6000 per month for the level 1 class. First I said Rs.6000 for membership now per month. If I would have said it earlier you wouldn’t have come this further, now you will.

Level 1, Throwing away the remember thoughts.
We would play sounds of sea waves and raindrops, you would need to close your eye and full concentrate on this sound for 30 minutes. Feeling positive. First-day class over.

For the next two months, the classes would go the same way and say what? You kept on coming, in return will give you a level 1 completion certificate in front of everyone to flatter your mind because you want to be recognised and famous.

Level 2, Throwing away the images of myself, images of my human relations and myself.
What in level 2? Not much, the monthly fee of yours is increased. This level, I will be taking lines from Bible and Buddhist in a way to start a deep conversation with you. What all the things I want in life, I would say you as God is asking you to do this now. When you share these conversations with your family and friends, the response you get is to stop going to the centre.

Next time you come to the centre, you would ask too many questions. I will have answers to all your question because it’s my stupid own theory of life and universe. You have given me the opportunity to listen whatever I say so, you would listen this time as well. End of our conversions you would tell me that those questions were not yours so, to make you come to my centre continuously the only wild card is to separate you from your friends and family. Your family members are filled with negative spirits, I would advise you to leave them.

Now I had separated you from your friends and family so, you will be congratulated and given a level 2 completion certificate in front of everyone. You feel the members in this association is your new friends and family too.

By the way, I have bought new BMW i8, thanks for giving more than 50% of your salary to my centre. Came to know you have sold your bike to balance work-life and coming to this centre. Don’t lose hope, there are more things to take from you. Think of the human completion where the whole Universe is yours.

Level 3, Throwing away your body.
What in level 3? Again not much, the monthly fee is increased. This is really a challenging point for me, whereas I need to make you fully depended and go one step higher and say I created this Universe and have the total control of it. I am ready to take you as a discipline of mine so, it’s you after me who’s is going to look after the Universe.

Here is the science behind how I make you depended. If you are practising my meditation methods you would say “I am getting amazing results”,“I can sleep better, I am more relaxed, I tried many other methods and only this feels right, or my relationship improved dramatically, or I felt something extraordinary” or similar feelings.

In the beginning, you get some results because this meditation is nothing new or mine, these techniques were used for over 2000 years (studies are done and books are written by Neuroscientist and Psychiatrists and Scientists).

During this meditation your body goes through stress, because this meditation method is not a meditation that you sit quietly and suppress your thoughts, during the meditation you are doing subtraction, you constantly in your mind bring up your memories from the past (pictures) and mentally destroying them, also destroying your body, your friends, your family, destroying everybody and everything (as you progress in levels), so during long hours of this kind destruction our body goes through stress and brain releases chemicals called Endorphins.

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals our bodies release under pain or stress. They are considered the body’s own opiates. So you kind of drugging yourself during this meditation. And as you practice this method more and for longer hours per day, the result of this mental stage you get is impaired mental judgment and increased suggestibility. Basically, your brain goes flat “clean slate state”, and existing mental programming is replaced by me, with new patterns of thinking and behaviour for your mind is reprogrammed to serve my meditation group.

Once you are person “reprogrammed” you cannot often think for yourselves and become intellectually as well as emotionally dependent upon my meditation and me, you start trusting me completely, your ability to question information and use critical analysis are eliminated. I will make you start going to door to door to distribute my meditation flyers to recruit more members. This state of mind is a reversion to an earlier state of evolution.

After receiving this new programming you passionately support my meditation and start claiming that you have been “shown the truth”, “I will be saved” . . . or “this is an amazing method”.

You are doing well, you have bought 3 new members to our centre. Here you climb to level 4.

Level 4, Throwing away my body and the universe. Level 5, Throwing away my body and the universe. 
Dear member, I didn’t come up with a new name for level 5 since your money is already mine.

Level 6, Self-disappears by subtraction and becomes the Universe.
Monthly fee, Rs.100000 Also you would need to make a donation of Rs.600000 to buy a more spaced centre.

Now you would think level 6 completion it’s the last level to human completion, all the answer about life is going to be known.

Here I use my Universe Mind to find if you have anything else remaining in your life that I can take, all I will do is annoy you in a way so, you will leave the centre frustrated. Believe me, when I say this, you will have no one in life to share what happened to you so, and your frustration or anger will not make a big impact in what I will continue to do.

Hey, have I told you that I bought Two Islands in Maldives? Yes, I have my dear member.

Written by: Arunprasanth Loganathan

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  1. Ha ha Ha......AI is pleased with your sarcasm, human being.