Yes, I wanted to Freeze My Egg

Well, to be honest, I wanted to freeze my egg when I was 21. I learned that my dreams are too huge that I can never get married any time before 29. What happens when I reach 30? My fertility will decrease.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. As a woman ages, her eggs age with her, diminish in quantity and quality.

It is said that about 10% of ladies age 30 and above has very fewer chance to get pregnant. How if I fall into that 10%? Possibilities are high, looking at my hectic and stressful lifestyle now.

Not only that, when you reach 30 and above, the chances for you to get kids who have down-syndrome or disabled problems are higher compared to when you were 25. Of course, everybody wants a healthy baby, right?

I learned that I can freeze my eggs for RM19800 and it will cost Rm1800 every year once to maintain the egg in the freezer (Layman term).  After learning further I chose not to freeze my egg. Money is not the problem but…

Even if I freeze my egg but it doesn't mean that my kid will be free from being a down syndrome kid or disabled kid. No clinics can ever guarantee us that as it is a blessing from God and we get what we deserve the best. 

 True that they choose the best-looking egg but the issue now is it is only the egg is best looking but what the gene is carrying is a totally different story. I can check the gene too but it will cost more apparently.

So I have made up my mind that I will take what the God has prepared for me. A spinster? A childless woman? A proud mother of a disabled kid? A mother with healthy kids? I am ready to face it all!

This is solely my opinion. No matter if you are a man or woman but it is very important to plan your future now itself before it is too late.

Take actions today before it is too late!

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