3 Reasons Why You Need to be That B*tc* and Say No!

*I am using the word "That B*t*h" and not "A B*t*h" on the title as "That B*t*h" means a girl who is strong enough to make her own decisions and be very stern about it.

Ladies, it's time to make "No" as our new mantra!

As much as my mum brought me up by saying "Never say no. Go and experience everything that you possibly can so you will learn about the real world."

"Yes, ma. I have said enough yes and I am sick of being taken for granted. Now I have learned about the real world quite the right amount that I need I think." 

Although, saying "Yes" is necessary but saying "No" is equally as necessary as saying a "Yes". Here are the 3 reasons why you need to be that b*t*h and say "No".

1. Users

Say "No" if you feel like they have already borrowed about hundreds of ringgits of yours and never once they have returned it. It can either be money or some random items. 

They are definitely taking advantage of your naiveness by thinking "She will never ask for her money back."

Be stern and change into that nightmare that they will never imagine in their whole life and get your money back. It is not about your money but it is about having your innocence being misused by some assholes.

2. F*ckboys

The little kiddos who are reading this! It is not okay to have sex before marriage okay! It is not okay! 

Those who are matured enough to take care of yourself, make sure that everything is happening with your consent. Say "No" to any boy who wants to touch you without your permission. 

Even if he just wants to touch your hand and if you don't like it then say "No" and walk away. Nothing should go beyond your permission. 

If you say a no then it is a no! Say sexting, oral sex or even if it involves just a nude picture if you are not into it then scream out loud your "No" until he gets it. No is a NO! *Inspired from R.AGE (Stop child predators!)

3. Energy suckers

This is for those who are employees. If your manager or boss is an energy sucker who gives you workload more than you should be carrying on your shoulder then you should know when to say no. 

Of course, for this case you don't say "No" to their face because you don't want to lose your job do you? Be very tactful when you are saying "No". 

If the energy suckers are seriously sucking your energy big time then tell them sternly as sometimes you need to take control so you will not be taken advantage off. 

Remember, it is you who have to protect yourself.

Have you said "No" before? For what type of incidents? Comment below and let me know. ;))


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  2. *I am using the word "That Bitch" and not "A Bitch" on the title as "That Bitch" means a girl who is strong enough to make her own decisions and be very stern about it. This could've been put at the start. Few friends got offended & misunderstood.

    1. Noted. I have already changed it. Plus I had the font so small, haha. Thank you btw ^_^

  3. It takes time to learn to say No. Just as it is not always easy to say Yes, too!

  4. No, no, no... But this is a good post.. love it.. it left a smile on my face.. you are so damn inspirational

  5. True! Girls need to be boss girls now. Say no to nonsense, say no to any type of a wrongdoing.