No Thanks to Empty Promises and Unwanted Memories

A breakup is a huge deal. It will lead you to a massive roller coaster of emotions where you will smile when you think of all of the sweet memories you had with this particular person that you loved. You will cry out loud when that particular person's memory starts to affect you and make you miss them so much.

It's not always easy to move on just like that after thinking that the person is going to be there for your entire life time. The past will definitely kill you a little every time you think about it.

Your mood swing will make others stay away from you. You will suddenly seem so different from how you used to be. You won't be able to be you cause "The You" that you remember is the one who used to be so happy with the person whom you love.

It's time honey. It's time. It's time to be strong at your weakest. Remember the time when you thought you won't be able to get through it but here you are right now. Well, this too shall pass.

Just believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for good reasons. Something better awaits you because you deserve it. You totally do.

Cry out loud if you can't deal with it. You will cry for two hours or maybe three. Then your tears will fail on you. You will get up and start to work on what's there to be done with your life.

Moving on with your current life is your only way to move on fast. This too shall pass. I repeat, this too shall past. You are stronger than you think you are.


  1. What's with this post babe? You okay? =(

    1. This post is dedicated to those who are undergoing a breakup babe. :D I am okayyyy. Haha

  2. Yes ! Say bye to empty promise and unwanted memories.
    Let's be positive and stay strong !

    1. True! Lets be positive and stay strong! ^_^