Swanicoco Nature Bio Cosmetics Product Launch!

Swanicoco a South Korea's leading cosmetics company is now launched in Malaysia!

Swanicoco is dermatologically safe, no skin side effects, earth-friendly and there are many more advantages as Swanicoco uses natural ingredients in their skin care product.

A.C Control (Swanicoco Nature Bio Cosmetics)
Swanicoco provides the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin, including regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanicals sourced from all over the world.

Extra Hydrating Swan Cream (Swanicoco Nature Bio Cosmetics)

RH-EGF Pure Ampoule (Swanicoco Nature Bio Cosmetics)

Swanicoco uses grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs as ingredients for fermentation, and integrates biotechnology into eco-friendly natural components to help improve the skin.

Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule (Swanicoco Nature Bio Cosmetics)

The event kickstarted with a ballet performance and then Miss Adia Song was guiding us on how to use Swanicoco's product and shared few valuable tips to us.

Then Swanicoco was finally launched with a blast by Caryn Loh, General Manager (Country Head) of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director, Watson Malaysia, Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia, Kevin Hyun, General Manager of Swanicoco Korea and Charles Kim, Managing Director of MOVE S&C Sdn Bhd in the official launch of Swanicoco brand of products to the media and blogger community.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Watson to get your to die for Swanicoco's product now!


  1. Heading to Watsons tomorrow and keen to check out Swanicoco. Hope to pick up a number of items!

  2. Makes me rush for shopping!! Lovely post and the products mentioned are really exciting.