EMP Fashion House is Now Back Feeling Stronger Than Before!

Yes EMP Fashion House was rather silent for these past few months. Why?

It's because they have been working on something really huge.

Something which gives EMP a different direction.

Yes, EMP is now the new EMP.C

EMP Fashion House is coming with their own designer collections.

These collections are designed by their one and only fabulous designer Sidra Fazeelat!


Sidra Fazeelat joined in EMP Fashion Walk 2016 as GEN Next Designer

 Now EMP is giving Sidra Fazeelat a platform to do EMP's first collection

 Wonder what EMP.C is going to offer you?

-Designer collections which make you spend less

-Make you to look great and to stand out in every occasion you attend

-You can hire it, flaunt it and return it. No strings attached.

Confused? Wait for the next article. 

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