I Like You ~ Cue to Friends With Benefits

Breakup stories had been a good bedtime story for me these past few months. Been listening to a number of stories and to my surprise I have started seeing a pattern in most of their stories.

"I like you but I am not ready to commit now."

When the girl decides to finally enter a serious relationship that's when he will say, " I only like you. I haven't given a thought about a serious relationship. I need some time".

Oh yes, he is asking for some time to figure out on how to run away for good. No kidding. This pattern is real!

It is very unlikely for the guy to commit to you because he used the "I like you" to 10 others girls at the same time. Who in the right mind will commit with a girl who he got close with to just exploit?

Not forgetting another phrase "we are just friends". Yah, just friends after sleeping with her and exploiting her to the core. "Just friends" for sure. How gentleman.

Don't think that it is your fault for not seeing that you both are just being friends. That useless is trying to use that phrase to put the guilt on you.

You both were never friends. No friends will sleep around and have sexual intercourse.

Only mutually agreed friends with benefits will do that. If that happened without your consent then you were never in the friends with benefits list. You're a victim and you can now slap him on his face.

Also, I'm not saying that friends with benefits are wrong. It is okay if both of you are on the same page. It is NOT OKAY if you are into a serious relationship and he is fooling around.

So honey pie, make sure that you know what is happening. Be stern and make sure things are going your way and he is not fooling around by saying " I like you".

Honeypie, remember that you're too precious to be exploited. Don't fall for "I like you". It's time to date someone for real and handles things maturely.

Never invest your time on a guy who talks to you when he is bored. Invest your time on a guy who makes time for you despite his busy schedule. As how much a person can get busy there is a thing called as priority and respect.

It's time for you to stand for what you truly want.

 A useless hog will try to exploit you using your innocence.

Always remember that the right thing will happen at the right time. It's time to invest in yourself. Your time, energy and money. Put it all on you and you know it will never ever go into a waste.

The one who is genuine will not say "I like you but I don't want to commit now". He will say exactly what you would like to hear. He will take lots of effort. He will.

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