Some People Just Need High Five. In The Face. With a Chair.

Sorry. Thank you. Please. Don't live if you have never used these words in your entire lifetime.

Mannerism is a way of life. These 3 magic words will always keep you on the ground. Sadly, some people are not getting it.

Story 1

So there was an exhibition held at my University for kids age 13 to 15. A boy got lost and I helped him to find his room even though I was in charge to serve only the VIP. (Yah, I was serving coffee and tea to all lecturers who came from all over the world -_-) 

I was new in my University as it is a new campus still so I couldn't find his place which was Block D. I went all the way from Block A to Block D just for him and finally we found his place. 

Guess what happened? He left like a DIVA! Even a god damn diva will have the courtesy to say "Thank you". 

Seriously I felt like slapping his face. I wasn't affected cause he didn't respect the effort I took to bring him to the right spot though I wasn't entitled to do so. I was terribly affected cause it was so rude of him to just leave like that. 

Story 2

So this friend of mine inboxed me asking about blogging. I did my research and answered him. Guess what? Righ after I answered him I didn't get any reply from him except for the "seen" tick. 

Though I had a million of stuff to settle I took my time and did my bloody research so I can give him a good answer but what did I get in return? "Seen". 

He is a bloody 29 years old and he had no courtesy to even reply "Thank you".  

I am not desperately waiting for him to say " thank you" but I wonder if he is aware that he just spoilt his rapport with me? The next time he texts me he will be getting a "seen" as well. 


What happened to Thank you, Sorry and Please? They dig a hole and buried it? 

To be honest, these three words are very vital to our life as it opens a route to a good family life. A good mannerism can melt anybody's heart. 

If the current generation is not going to hold on to these 3 magic words then they will not know what being humble truly means. 

Sad. Truly feeling sad for some people.

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