Time for New Phase

A year staying alone without any roommate or housemate has literally killed me. Had to go through too many periods of depression. Just because life felt stagnant though lots of amazing stuff took place over time.

The only person I see daily is my house owner and even with her, I could only talk for 5 minutes. As I didn't feel like having a conversation with her.

It felt rather empty deep in the heart to even start a conversation with anyone.

Depression early stage it is.

Morning classes in HELP University, work, events to attend. A year became a circle of the same thing. Coming back home to nothing was rather depressing.

To just stare at my laptop and to come up with a creative content became rather difficult. The last time I did a creative content article was in September.

Life stopped ever since for me. I know why but words can't explain those phase. I could only let it go.

The cycle became a torture. A mental torture. I am feeling exhausted. Extremely exhausted. It's time for a new phase in life.

God is great. He always gives me exactly what I want at the right timing. I am going to move out soon.

New life. New game. New phase.

At least this is what I can promise to give myself to save myself from further damage. You have to be the strongest when you are feeling the lowest. Like a phoenix bird. Let's burn the past and reborn!

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