Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review

Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review

So I have shared my experience on being dreaded as my scar keep reminding of my brutal past (Old post). That's when Beta-Skin distributor got in touch with me.

My confidence level rose as so many people messaged me asking about what happened to me. Truly grateful for such love. Thank you so much. Indeed that all of you are beautiful in and out. <3

I excitedly used my cream once I got it which is 3 weeks back but I am only reviewing on it now due to a hectic schedule.

Beta-Skin cream doesn't have a thick consistency. It is very light so you need a small amount and it can be spread easily on your skin.

The best part in Beta-Skin is it can be applied on your face and body! Now, I don't have to get two different creams where one is for my face and one for my body.

3 weeks of applying it on my skin, I can feel it is much smoother compared to the time I didn't apply anything on my skin. I am still keeping track of the differences it is making. When the results are obvious then I will make another review on this!

The fragrance of the cream is very fresh and very distinctive that you can smell it though you're wearing perfume and I love it.

Though I am using Beta-Skin to get rid of my scar, Beta-Skin has so much of mind-blowing benefits!

Beta-Skin contains:

  • Beta-glucan- amongst others, is a precursor of synthesis of cytokinesis, it stimulates the immune system to function and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • Esters of higher fatty acids- regulate the permeability of the epidermis, the maturity and differentiation of keratinocytes, the creation and release of lamellar bodies which assist in the penetration of larger molecules as nutrients to the cell located deeper within the skin and inhibit the synthesis of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.
  • Coconut oil- reduces the TEWL (transepidermal water loss) ratio, damage to the skin's barrier function and prevents the degradation of lipids under the influence of oxidative stress.
  • Colloidal silver-  kills over 650 disease- causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Forcefully activating the immune system to combat pathogens and rebalance the body alleviating changes caused by inflammation.

More on Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream:

- Active substances contained within the medical device Natural Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream have a proven and effective ability to alleviate symptoms of chronic skin diseases and support the course of treatment.

-Beta-Skin cream has been created for the patients who are constantly struggling with the symptoms of diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrhea dermatitis and acne.

- The products effectively eliminate the symptoms associated with different dermatoses such as persistent itching, burning, redness, and dryness of the skin and excessive flaking.

- Beta-Skin  Natural Active Cream regulates and reduces increased seborrheic keratosis which is often manifested in visible cracks on the skin. Due to the presence of natural active ingredients, the product effectively moisturises and nourishes the skin and reduces water loss.

- Apart from its primary function in enhancing the healing process of chronic skin diseases, Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream shows signs of regenerative properties that may be of use to irritated skin with excessive exposure to UV rays.

The consistency of the cream ( Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review)

To get more information on Beta-skin Natural Active Cream please click on this link Beta-Skin.
This product is from Poland, Europe BTW so you have to translate the page.

Product info:
RM58- 50ml
(Price varies depending on promotion prices in different pharmacy)

For distributorship information email contact : jenny@triv.com.m

Where to purchase:

 Online- Lazada.com.my



KL ,Selangor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka

All Alpro Pharmacy Outlets and AA Pharmacy Outlets.

Here are the Lists of all pharmacies throughout Malaysia


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