Reves Jewelry Review~

Reves Essential Oil and Earring

Went all aweeee at Awegallery! Reves Jewelry is definitely one of a kind because it's really cool to have your favourite essential oil diffused in your beautiful jewelry. I'm not kidding. Literally the entire the time you're wearing your Reves diffused jewelry, you will be having your lovely essential oil scent around you. The jewelry is of course one of the most elegant collection I have ever seen and I went crazy for the feather necklace (No idea what they call it!). Personally saying, it is a must have collection for sure!

Reves team is a combination of magic, beauty and dream manifestation team with positive energy! Founder been through a series of suffering before she found the secret of universe! And the secret is humanity is born protected and blessed by the universe but human never realized that because of society indoctrination & limitations !
After many many experiments & learnings, REVES founder decided to spread this easy , simple & direct secret to people around her , and passing on the blessing & abundance happiness to everyone in the world! For more info view their facebook page: Reves Jewelry

Message from Riko Lee the founder of Reves Jewelry: 
REVES means D.R.E.A.M in French, a unique brand name for premium essential oil & diffuser jewellery series.
My vision is to have everyone live with your dream & make your dreams come true effortlessly and easily using our products. And at the same time passing the abundance happiness to people around you, and people who is around people around the people.. and abundance happiness can be shared harmoniously to whole world.
Thank you for all my family & friends who attended the launching party, your support is heart felt and appreciated from deep down! 

Reves Bracelet

Reves Feather Neclace

Reves Essential Oil

Reves Tea Time Jewelry Cupcakes 


The founder of Reves Jewelry, Miss Riko Lee


  1. Nowadays peoples are too stress on work, this might be one of the useful way to release stress while on-the-go

  2. I love the pendant. Nice and exclusive. Hope to grab this.I love the design.

  3. It is the first time I hear about essential oil in jewellry. The pendant itself is already a winner!

  4. Reves Jewelry are so pretty. hope they have more designs coming out

  5. The jewelry designs are really something. I heard of diffuser pendant before but they are not as nice as this one!