From a Mother of 3 To Chidambaresa Natya Kalaimani ~ Kavita Supramaniam

Now I am standing as Chidambaresa Natya Kalaimani, but that was right after a long journey of facing lots of condemning from a lot of people. Right after I didn’t get the proper guidance I yearned for, right after I personally wanted to give up cause I couldn't stand the knee pain after intensive practice.

Trip to Ipoh, Stayed in Luxury Hotel ~ Putrade Allsuites at RPGC!

Have you been in a perfect serviced apartment that has it all? I have! I was planning on exploring a place that I have never explored before, Ipoh came to my mind. It was close by and I have heard so much about it.

It was one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. It is mostly because I truly thought again I am going to end up in a  fancy mall or at some fancy building instead I went to a land surrounded by mountains.

How To Stay Positive About Life?

Most of the time, when you cry your heart out to others, the most they can advise you is "stay positive dear." Well, now what exactly stay positive means?

How do you even stay positive when all the emotions are compiling into massive energy and overwhelm you at the most unimaginable way?