D-Flat Music Academy opens flagship in Malaysia. Say ‘Hello’ to learning music through appreciation and pure enjoyment; as it should be.

The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument for a child is undeniable. It is scientifically proven to help wire a child’s brain to help them perform better academically. It enhances a child’s listening ability; a vital component in social skills, physical coordination and timing.

Althea Christmas Wish List!

Christmas is just around the corner and being a non-christian, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Say the Christmas movies, the Christmas tree also the Christmas gift! Everything excites me!!

This time around I planned to send my Christmas Wish List to Althealand instead to the North Pole.

Royal Darbar Authentic Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur with one of the Best Mutton Rogan Josh!

It is definitely a never ending thing for me when it comes to exploring food but this time around I have been frequently going in and out of a lot of Indian Restaurants.

One that caught my eye and made my eyes to be all fixated on it is the Royal Darbar! Just as the name suggests, it was a Royal treat indeed.