Instagram Coach!

It's time to get yourself an Instagram coach who has more than 5 years of experience on Instagram Growth.

It's time for you to know about me. Hi, I am Chuojashni Subramaniam and I lost my Instagram account on 2018. LOL! Wasn't expecting that tragedy uh?

Yes, it happened for real. I had about 19.2 k followers and I was all getting ready to celebrate 20 k followers. One day I just woke up to no sight of my Instagram. My profile was taken down by Instagram due to unmentioned reasons till date. 

I gave up and got destroyed deep in. I hustled for 3 years to get to where I was then (19.2k) When all of it was gone, I was just done. I took 2 months break. Slowly collected me from my heartbreak and I started up my new account. 

Boom within a week I got 2 k followers. Thankfully, those who were around me recognised my brand (Crappy Blogger) and followed me instantly without thinking twice. Then my followers became slow and I had to work really really hard.

From then to now, I am proud to say that I have 41,000 followers (21/1/2021). That is within 2 years. It wasn't an easy journey for sure.

Along the way, I learned the tips and tricks on Instagram. Tested a lot of things. Experimented a lot and finally, I found the best way to grow on Instagram. 

I will be guiding you where I will be sharing my 5 years of experience on Instagram growth within 2 hours. Sounds amazing uh? That's not it. I will be curating the content based on your niche.

This is not a copy-paste of what I taught my previous client. Every lesson is curated based on your niche and also the problems you're facing in your Instagram. 

DM me on Instagram to reach me immediately! Let's discuss how we can work together. 

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