Newly appointed National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Dr. Md Nasir Ibrahim, graced the launch of Malaysia’s first-ever online cinema - Film Wallet Premium Video-On-Demand or Film Wallet PVOD, to revolutionize and elevate the consumer’s movie-going experience in a safer and a more comfortable environment.

Ask God and You will Get It

 I kept asking god a particular question. God gave me answers within a month and those answers healed my entire confusion. Sometimes while we think whatever is happening is rather devastating and nothing is falling into place, we are wrong.

The moment you're burnout doing the job that you're most passionate about, you have failed!

Well, when it comes to my career path, I have always chosen a career that I am passionate about. I chose to not merely work for any kind of job just because I get to pay my bills at the end of the month.

At first, I was proud that I am doing what I love. I know I am privileged for having the ability to do so. I am living a life where most people will kill to have. At least, that's what my friend told me when I said that I wanted to give up.

What went wrong throughout the process is? I burnt the midnight oil, juggled too many things on my own and ended up burning out. 

How I grew from 0 to 40000 followers on Instagram? 3 Not to be Missed Tips!

In 2018 I had nearly 20,000 followers. Just as I was about to blast the balloons and celebrate 20 k followers. I lost everything. My account was gone. I wasn't able to get it back. My heart stopped. 

I was in the midst of a huge Movie Premier Giveaway (It was Kaala Movie Premier and a Collab with Varnam Malaysia where I gave 10 people 2 pairs of tickets). I had a number of collaborations going on as well. Imagine losing 4 years of effort within seconds. 


The country is once again under the Movement Control Order (MCO), but you can still visit your nearest supermarket to do your grocery shopping or get your essentials for the family.


To make your trip a little more fun, supermarkets such as Billion Shopping Centre, HeroMarket, Mydin and even Tunas Manja Mart are offering 40% cashback capped at RM4 with no minimum spend when you purchase and pay with the ShopeePay mobile wallet!

Athu Unnode Perechene ~ "That's Your Problem"

-I started using the word myself, "That's your problem." And I got relieved from so many unnecessary attachments.- 

I am proud to admit that I came from a very decent household. We were not allowed to use a lot of words as we were growing up. Trust me, simple words like, "stupid" can put you in a lot of trouble if you were raised in my house. 

My Life Is an Indian Version OF SEX AND CITY!

Have you watched Sex and City? Well, I binged watched it and I can't deny, I wanted everything that Carrie had. Literally everything. To think of the life I have built now. Probably, I have set up a standard for myself "the Carrie way." 

I didn't exactly put my mind on it, yet it is happening. I am a writer from a small town and here I am in this big city all alone striving to have my novel out! Let's definitely minus the "a lot of one night stands, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda."  

I am an Indian and my mum will hit me with a chappal if she happens to see me writing about my sex life. Let's stick to what I know best though. Mental health. 

Smelly Toilet No More! Oishi Scents Malaysia ( 2 in 1 Toilet Mist)

How many cringe whenever you have to get access to the toilet especially at a public place? I know that I do. Now you don't have to feel uncomfortable anymore when Oishi Scents Malaysia is with you! 

Oishi Scent Malaysia is 2 in 1 Toilet Mist that acts as an odour eliminator and also as a disinfectant. All you have to do is spray 3-4 times and wait 4 seconds for it to fill the space up with its heavenly scent. 

Instagram Coach!

It's time to get yourself an Instagram coach who has more than 5 years of experience on Instagram Growth.

It's time for you to know about me. Hi, I am Chuojashni Subramaniam and I lost my Instagram account on 2018. LOL! Wasn't expecting that tragedy uh?