I Hope You Know To Whom You're Talking To!

So a guy aged about 60 years old was waiting for a cup of coffee in a coffee shop. A 5-year-old kid reached his table and stood there, looking at him while waiting for her parents to enter the restaurant. He ignored her because in his mind he thinks that she is rude because she didn't smile or greet him. They both didn't talk with each other and the kids parents came in and they all walked towards a different table and sat.

Can I Sleep Right After Consuming Coffee?

Well, when you consume coffee while you're extremely dehydrated then it might make you tired and eventually you will sleep.

Another researcher found that coffee only starts to do its miracle to us after 20 minutes of drinking it. So it is possible for us to work late night after taking a short nap for 20 minutes, right after drinking coffee.

Not Listening Can Lead To Child Neglect?

Child neglect means a child's need is not taken care off. I am definitely not talking about the current children's needs which are either an Ipad or an Iphone. Without these, they can't live their life and yes I'm not denying the fact I had a phone too at their age. The one which rings the barbie doll song each time I use it to call people.