Why Nobody Hang Out With Me?

My toleration level became so low that I rather trade a group of friends with a box of chocolate!  

 As suddenly I'm not immune to all the dramas happening around me. I cannot control my mouth like how I used to and I tend to blur out the brutal truth about others on how annoying they are. The older I get, the higher the urge to spend time alone became because of this.

The Great Wall Movie Review

 I got cheated! I went to that movie thinking it's an English movie after looking at the 3 main characters who are white people and only at the end of the movie I found out that it is a Chinese movie.

At least the movie was directed by a Chinese named Zhang Yimou. Not forgetting that 90% of people in the movie consisted of Chinese though the story was written by Edward ZwickMax BrooksMarshall Herskovitz.

Am I being racist here? Well maybe. LOL! I didn't regret watching the movie, though! The movie was awesome actually. The movie was worth the money because now I don't have to get a flight ticket to visit The Great Wall. I have already seen the in and out of Great Wall of China in the movie. *I'm not even kidding

Basically, it is a story where a group of white people will travel to find the black powder which is used as a form of weapon. After facing some tragic situation only two of them of them, Wiliam and Tovar will survive and end up at the Great Wall. They will be kept as a prisoner at first.

At the same time, The Great Wall will be attacked by a rare type of animals. Wiliam and Tovar will gain freedom after they strive hard to save the people there when the Great Wall got attacked. Unfortunately, that's not the end. The animals will return to take over China and also the world eventually.

Will Wiliam and Tovar stay to save the Chinese and also the world? What is the secret of the black powder? Will the Great Wall be saved from harm?

Basically, that's the ending of the movie. I will say the movie was not bad.

I will rate it as 5/10

10 Products That You Should Buy From EZBUY!

First of all, I am a cheapskate though I am a shopaholic! Almost everytime I want to purchase something online, I will always get taken aback once I see the shipping fee. Let's say that I am purchasing a phone case for RM 50.00, my headache and heartache will not start until I see the shipping fee. Sometimes the fee they charge are pretty reasonable but sometimes OMG! The god damn shipping fee will cost me more than the product! For instance, the phone case is RM50.00 and the shipping fee is RM 70.00. Won't you feel like dying?! Well, I know that I was about to take a rope and just strangle myself looking at the shipping fee! *kidding

Sometimes the fee they charge are pretty reasonable but sometimes OMG! The god damn shipping fee will cost me more than the product! For instance, the phone case is RM50.00 and the shipping fee is RM 70.00. Won't you feel like dying?! Well, I know that I was about to take a rope and just strangle myself looking at the shipping fee! *kidding

This is where I should bring Ezbuy in! Get Prime and be all primed! This is not a joke ya. The cost of shipping fee for whatever you purchase is just RM8.80 and if it's for a year then it cost you JUST RM188.00. Click here to know more about Prime.

To think of it, what do Ezbuy don't have? They literally have everything that a family needs and so here comes the 10 products you should buy from Ezbuy!

1. Clothes
I have always adored Korean style and whenever I need something Korean I search it here. Hard to deny, since I am small size so whenever I order the small size, it comes in a just nice and fitting size so I don't have to adjust anything. It fits me and shows my figure so well. To those who thought that I purchase my stuff from kids section, the truth is out now!

2. Shoes
As much as I love clothes, I love shoes more than anything. No matter how many I own, I have always had this feeling where I need more shoes! How do I stop this feeling?! Ezbuy has lots of variety that I always crave for shoes whenever I check shoe section. *Breath in and breath out, you have millions of shoes that you haven't wear already (Just a self-reminder)

3. Hair accessories
For someone who can't keep track of her hair bands, I purchase my hair band from Ezbuy in a bulk and so almost everywhere I will keep one and I will not end losing one but will end up finding one! That feeling, though!

4. Phone accessories
I am 22 now and I might have used millions of headphone and phone cable. These two have never been sincere with me. *Whyyyyy? *What I did to you? Well, I have tried all from the cheapest to the moderately expensive as I couldn't afford the most expensive which will cost me thousands of ringgits. I have no choice but to get these items few months once. Do I look like tech person to you? It's a no but I can tell exactly how each cable and headphone will work as I have legit bad experiences with some.

5.  Nail arts
Now the last thing you should look is at my nails. I don't bite mine but I do not take care of one. I don't do manicure and stuff as I don't really have time for it. When I have time for manicure it will change to movie time or sleeping time but never a manicure time. So to boost my mood, I'm planning to get some nail arts from Ezbuy so I will take some effort to make my nails look pretty.

6. Home decoration
Finding your home to be dull? Can't bear looking at the same space again and again? Want to spice it up? Worry not! Just go to home decor section and you will find some real awesome stuff which can brighten your house in no time. *Advertisement has been done right!

7. Fitness Equipment
One thing which is a nono to me is being part of sports. I am done with hockey when I was 17. No more, but whenever I go to this section, I will always feel like building my body till I get 6 packs! If you're building your body or you like being fit then this is a must section for you to check out. They have almost everything. Seriously most of it were the stuff which I don't know they existed before this.  I am just an ex-fit person. *kidding

8. Mommy stuff
Yes, there is no need for mummies who are going through a god damn unimaginable pain to go out and shop. They can just sit and stare at their screen and get what they want at their doorstep. Most things for mummies and kids are here. Saves all mommies and daddies time and energy!

9. Stationaries
Schools are going to open soon! It's better to get all the stuff at one place then going to one by one place. I remember the time I got my bag at a different place and my stationaries at a different place because they don't have varieties. Ezbuy is all about varieties and only bad stuff can happen is you getting greedy and planning to purchase all. I know because I was very close to do that. All those cute little stationary stuff, though!

10. Bags
Here comes another addiction of mine! I own 7 bags and I use only 1 wherever I go. Is it okay or not for me to get another one? Please say not okay because I might get another one from Ezbuy! They have so many varieties that I might get 1 from each type. Oh god. The pain to say NO to purchasing something!

So here are the 10 products that you should buy from Ezbuy! Have fun! Don't end up being greedy like me yeah. Everything also I want. Just that bank balance is saying NO! *Facepalm

Anyway, worry not to those of you who wants to shop!

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Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 Show Gala Dinner

Move away, people! Royalty is calling me! At least that’s how I felt when I first entered the entrance hallMiss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 Show Gala Dinner was held at Menara Hua Zong on 28th November 2016. From the red carpet grand entrance to the VIP seat worth RM1000 to the theme being gold or black coat, now tell me what is not royal here? *Am I exaggerating? Maybe! *hair flip

I Regret For Listening To #arvindrajcovers - Othaiyila feat Music Kitchen Prem D & SID

What hell of a song is this? Whatever it is, it has to go out of the social media because I'm a hell of addicted to it! *Gosh I'm super self-centered! But hey, it's not at all great to listen to a cover under repeat for a million time okay! NOT AT ALL! That's how much this cover have got me. It's even worst when I got no idea on how the original song sounds like.