Luminous Beauty Parlour Grand Launch and Review

I am obsessed with manicure and pedicure but I am used to doing it for myself. For me, if I am to do manicure or pedicure it must be for an occasion and I don't usually go to an extent of doing my nails just because I am attending a birthday function.

Luminous Beauty Parlour invited me to their launch and to my surprise they gave me a complimentary manicure service. Will I miss this chance? Never.

Since my ideas for a manicure in a beauty parlour are actually over hyped so I chose a wedding themed manicure design. Stones. Yes! I chose lots and lots of stones where it glitters everytime I move my hands.

Luminous Beauty Parlour is a very elegant and classy looking beauty parlour. If you need a stress-free time then you have to head to this place.

With their interior looking so lovely, you won't feel like leaving that place immediately. You will choose to stay for hours instead.

Once I was there, they prepared me a cup of tea and I was choosing my design while enjoying the tea. Since I was looking for a very grand looking design so I googled on wedding theme manicures.

I came up with a design and the work started. It took a whole 2 hours. I chose gel and also matte and I chose a combination of silver and maroon.

I didn't feel like the two hours have passed until she told me that she is done as the music was playing which I was really enjoying watching her doing my nails.

The stones on my nails lasted for a week. The gel lasted for 3 weeks. The matte lasted for more than 1 month. Which was really worth it I feel.

I think if you are having a wedding then than it is okay to have stones on your nails. If you want a design which lasts for at least 3 weeks then go for a full gel or matte design without any stones.

To be honest it looked terrible when the stone fell and I had to cover the part with my own nail polish. I think it happened because I was really working with dishes and all for that particular week.

Overall, I am really satisfied with the interior of the Luminous Beauty Parlour and the customer service. Next time I will definitely choose the gel type or matte type of nail polish so it lasts longer.

For more information 

G-1-7 Plaza Arkadia NO 31 Perdana Desa Park City, Jalan Intisari, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Opened daily except for Sunday

+60 12-696 6183



Nasi Lemak Biryani~ Malgudi Restaurant Petaling Jaya Review

Nope, I am not kidding. It really is Nasi Lemak Biryani!! Nasi Lemak flavour is overtaking Malaysians taste buds through cakes, chocolates, burger and now it is in a biryani form.

Who doesn't love a good biryani right? Malgudi Restaurant serves a great Biryani and now they have come up with a brilliant dish. Their very own Nasi Lemak Briyani!

Nasi Lemak Briyani (NLB) as the name suggests, they decided to replace the traditional coconut milk rice with their specialty biryani rice (cooked in coconut milk) served along with the essentials (cucumber, fried anchovies, peanuts, egg & their version of Sambal) and a scrumptious Malgudi fried chicken.

As you can see in the picture the chicken was to die for. It looks a little overcooked but to be honest it was cooked just nice. I was craving for more right after I had it. 

The nasi lemak biryani will be served in conjunction with Merdeka & Malaysia Day from the 31/8/2017 - 16/9/2017 at only RM19.50. Available for both lunch & dinner.

Another dish that I tried in Malgudi which stole my heart was their Kulfi. The last I tried one was in India and ever since then I was craving for one.

When I tried Malgudi's Kulfi I turned into that happy kid cause the taste was extremely good. I was thinking that it will be extremely sweet but it was just nice that I was able to finish the entire plate within minutes. The Kulfi goes for RM7.50.

Another thing that I loved most about Malgudi is their customer service and their interior. The interior was splendid and the art that they displayed on the wall was really fascinating.

Malgudi is a fictitious town somewhere in south India created by R.K. Narayan in his novels and short stories. Malgudi Restaurant was inspired by R.K Narayan's work.

The Nasi Lemak Biryani is really exclusive so grab yours while it is still available guys. Don't regret later on!

For more information:

Either call at 03-79312556 or WhatsApp at 0102689609 to reserve a table.

Kindly also add our social media page:

Facebook: Malgudi

Waze: malgudi classic indian cuisine

3 Tips For First Time Contact Lens Users!!!

Are you an avid contact lens user? Then this post is not for you. I am sure, years of using lens would have given you enough experience to use the contact lens right.

Those who are first timers, who will have millions of doubts and usually screw things up. I have been there. So I know how it feels. LOL!

I have listed 3 tips for contact lens users.

Lacelle Diamond Aqua
1. Use Oil-Free Products

Well, we all know that oil and water will not mix well. If your eyes attract the oil around your eyes then the changes for your eyes to be cloudy eyes is high. To avoid the discomfort it is better to use an oil-free product, at least just near your eyes will do.

2. Get Daily Disposable 

Want to avoid the hassle of cleaning your lens everyday then just get a daily disposable lens. It will save a lot of your time and you will never have to face any red eye issue. You also would be able to wear a pair of new and fresh pieces of lens every day. The comfort though.

3. Clean Your Lens Well. I repeat! CLEAN YOUR LENS WELL!

Seriously this is a major issue when it comes to contact lens. How comfortable your lens is going to be the next day is based on how well you have cleaned the lens a day before. You have to clean your lens every day. Not only that, you also have to use fresh solution every time you clean it. Also, do not only clean the case but clean the top part of the cover of the case as well.

Lacelle Diamond Pink
I have been using Bauch and Lomb Daily Disposable lens and I am totally loving it. It is so easy to use it and I don't even feel like I am wearing it throughout the day!

Since it is a daily disposable so I can avoid redness and itchiness which some times comes due to not cleaning the lens well.

Also, not to forget that my laziness is peaking these days so daily disposable lens must have been one of the best creation ever.

Not only that, it is a great feeling to wear fresh new pairs of lens every day. It also stands up to 12 hours and I don't feel uncomfortable at all.

Overall, I am very happy with the product that I am using now. 

For more information check out:


Visit www.lacelle.com.my to know which lens colour suits you by doing personality test using Colour Quiz and also get to know how you look like in different lens by using Colour Matcher

Lacelle Diamond 

Sango Japanese Cuisine, Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya Review

Sushi! Who doesn't like sushi right? Just as I was craving for one, Foodilifecious invited me to Sango a Japanese Cuisine situated at Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya for a food review.

Sushi Platters ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
I always believe in Foodilifecious taste for food at they are a great food hunters. As I entered Sango I was already all awe cause of the elegant and classy interior.

Sango also has been serving authentic Japanese food since 1995 so I had no doubts when it comes to their experience in this field.

Tempura Moriawase 
As expected I was late for the food review but not too late to a point where they have already started eating. The second thing I noticed was, of course, their food presentation.

Cha Soba ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
It was exquisite and as classy as the restaurant's interior. Maybe, because it is situated inside of Crown Hotel so the presentation was up to fine dining's level.

Yakitori Omakaze ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
One thing about going to Japanese cuisine is they will never let your cup or glass to be empty. They will always ensure that your glass is full and that leads to drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea.

Seafood Teppanyaki Platter ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
That's one thing that I love about their customer service. They are also always present so you can reach them whenever you want and there is no need for you to wait for hours to get their attention.

Cha Soba ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
Their wasabi wasn't really how I expected it to be. Usually, wasabi gives you a kick when you use half a tea spoon but at Sango I used one spoon full to feel the kick.

Chicken Teriyaki Don (New Lunch Donburi) RM15.00
Their food choices also were unique at least it is for me. Their salmon tasted really good. Here I have listed my favorite from Sango.

New Salmon Donburi RM22  Lunch only ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
Seafood Teppanyaki Platter ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
Salmon Carpaccio ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
Chicken Gyoza ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
Overall their service is great, food presentation was done full with effort, the interior was really soothing and I had a good time with my blogger friends chilling.

Ten Don (new Donburi) Launching soon for lunch RM 18.00 ( Sango Japanese Cuisine Review )
I would like to thank Foodlicious and Sango management for giving me a wonderful experience of being able to dine in Sango and at the same time to try their mind blowing Japanese authentic dishes.

Sango Bento
A great news for you beautiful and smart readers! If you happen to go Sango and dine in, do show them my article when you're getting your bill settlement and get yourself a 15% DISCOUNT! Enjoy guys <3

For more details:

Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:

Everyday: 12–2:30PM, 6–10:30PM
Hours might differ


+60 3-7958 5228

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event

On 18th of August, I got an invitation to blog about UG International Hair Donation Campaign. It was a charity event which focuses on hair donation.

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
While many searching for places which offer hair donation service, here they chose to give a secured platform which at the same time enables you to do charity for Lock of Hope Home.

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
To those who are donating their hair, they will be given hair care products as a gift. The professionals who are cutting the hair will give a nice trim to the donors make their hair to look splendid.

Missions from Locks of Hope:

(1) Make wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemo.
(2) Fundraising medical fee or/and living expenses for cancer patients

Hair loss is one of the most traumatic side effects that most chemo patients face, especially female and child patients. 

To overcome this traumatic experience, wigs are usually the best choice while waiting for their hair to grow back. 

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
Unfortunately, amidst all the cost of cancer treatments, an RM800 wig may be out of reach. 

In line with its tagline Look Great, Feel Greater, the Locks of Hope Hair Donation Campaign is brought to Malaysians by MMIS Professional.

This is to provide a platform for Malaysians to donate their hair to be turned into wigs for cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy.

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
 In addition to donating hair, UG International hair care products will be sold at discounted price while the profits made during the event will be donated to Locks of Hope for charity purposes.
Hair requirement:

Length: At least 6 inch/15cm.

Condition: Dry, colored/perm/rebonding please donate after 6 months

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
As you can see from the pictures, the event was a success. I was told that this event will take place a few times in a year. 

Do keep an eye on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/locksofhope/) to know when this will take place again soon. 

UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event 
Do keep an eye on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/locksofhope/) to know when this will take place again soon
UG International Hair Donation Campaign ~ Lock of Hope Home Charity Event

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Review

Must have been the most awaited review by many. A lot of people emailed and inboxed me about this all curious on if it really lasted for 16 hours.

Well, let me break the "ugly truth". It lasted for more than 16 hours!

I am not even kidding. It really did last for more than 16 hours and the consistency of the lipstick did not change at all throughout the day.

I am not that girl who liked to touch up my makeup every time I visit the ladies. Once I do my makeup before I leave the house it is considered as done for good until I come back home.

No matter how oily or nasty my makeup gets, I really won't give much attention to it. For people like me, Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof is a life savior.

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Review 
So what I have bought is Little Minx which means an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman. (Hehehe).

It is:

- Kiss-proof
- Touch-proof 
- Waterproof

I have tried a number of Kissproof lipstick before and none actually worked as magically as Rimmel Provocalips did as they will easily fade off whenever I eat oily food. 

I deliberately ate oily just to test the resistance of the so proclaimed 16 hours long lasting and yes the oily food that I tried did not affect my lipstick at all

It is kiss proof as the first thing I tried right after applying the lipstick is to kiss at the back of my palm. Boom! No, even a little stain at sight! I wanted to take a picture but it can be seen even better in a video. 

The best part with Provocalips is you can get both matte and also glossy look.If you can see the image above, it has double-ended doe foot applicators.

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Review 
One end has a liquid lipstick which screams out loud the Little Minx colour, while the other end has a moisturizing, non-sticky gloss which is in white colour. 

You can choose to wear it up to your preference. I personally have my days where I want it to be matte and I have my days where I want it to be glossy. So Provocalips saves a lot of money by being both.

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Review 
I have talked a lot on the pros so now let's go to its cons. As I told earlier that it can really last for more than 16 hours so it means it is not easy to remove it. 

Yes, the struggle is real when you want to remove those sweet hearts out. It did not work when I used my make up remover but it worked well when I used Mary Kay's make up remover. 

So if you have Mary Kay make up then it makes your life so much easier. If you don't then you can do what I usually do. I will apply olive oil and massage the entire area using a wet wipe.

It takes at least a good 5 minutes guys. No kidding kay. 

Another con will be patchiness. It happens when you are out the whole day and you are dehydrated. So stay hydrated ladies. It is a great reminder to me too now.  

Long lasting
Not transferable
Both matte and Glossy

It's tough to remove
Patchy if you're dehydrated

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Review 
Some asked where I purchased it. This time I tried a whole new way of shopping. I contacted the SpareLuggage to get Rimmel Provocalips for me from London knowing that they are accepting the request for London products. 

So there are 4 steps when you are using this service

1. Post your request with the price that you are willing to pay.
2. Traveller accepts and we have to deposit the money to SpareLuggage.
3. Item delivered and full refund if the request is not fulfilled.
4. Confirm delivery and money released to travellers.

I saved a lot of money in shipping and my product came to me all safe and sound with 3 weeks time. 

Want to get more information on how this works? 

Instagram: @SpareLuggage


Have you tried Rimmel lipstick or SpareLuggage before? State your comments below.