Why I Chose Psychology Over Anything In This World?

So my mum and I went to my dad's friend's daughter's marriage. Okay that was long! Well, after having a good food and a good wedding scene, on the way back home in the car, I told my mum,"I think the bride is pregnant". My mum freaked out and said, "CJ how could you accuse a bride like that? That's very bad of you!" I kept quiet after getting a scolding from mum.

After few months, dad told mum that, indeed that girl was pregnant when she was getting married. She was about 3 months pregnant and got married due to that. Only after giving birth, that family members revealed the truth. Of course among Indian families, controversial news like this will spread out fast. My mum was shocked as hell. She asked me, "How did you know?" and all I did was a *hair flip and I said nothing. The rest is a history.

Sometimes you can see and understand certain things which other people cannot see and understand no matter how much you explain to them. That is the reason why I could sense that the girl is pregnant when nobody else did. That's the reason why I chose Psychology over anything in this world.

Stop asking me if I'm dying!

So it's that time of the semester. My finals are just around the corner. Oh! Nope, it's tomorrow, like in few hours time. Each time I bump into my friends they ask, "CJ are you dying? You look super pale and look at your hair! You look like you just jumped here out of the bed!" To make the timing right, I sneezed out loud in front of them and they were like "You're sick as well? Oh god, girl, god bless you."

Okay, so I do look pale and I did not groom myself well because I was BUSY STUDYING. Oh, now I can see why you asked if I'm dying. I was stu-Dying! So I was partially dying. God bless me!