Ordered Cake from Eat Cake Today!

Was craving for cakes and to pay a visit to a bakery whenever you want is not possible anymore. Hence, I chose Eat Cake Today and found myself a new favourite ~ the Pink Ruffled Cake 6"!

It looks all pink and heavenly on the outside and it was a great surprise to see the rainbow inside. The cake tasted very light like ice cream that you can even finish eating half of the cake in a day.

It was a fluffy cake with a hint of strawberry where they followed the french recipe to give the lightness and fluffiness. The Chantilly cream was the bomb and it kept me keep craving for the cake though I just ate it.

So Let's Eat Cake Today with @eatcaketoday. I have good news! Get 10% off when you use the code EatCakeToday-crappyblogger

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