Agrinai Award Winning Best Thriller?

The cinematography from start to end was really good. I really thought it was shot in India at first then realised that it is Cameron Highland. 

The first 20 minutes really got me hooked, the story was fast-moving in the beginning and I could understand the flow well. 

The second half was definitely made for thriller fans. It’s not my cup of tea so it was a little bit draggy for me but honestly, those who love thrillers must watch it! It is a good thriller film. I don’t want to put any spoilers. 

The dark and moody tone of the movie suited the thriller concept but I felt like the whole movie went by in darkness. The music did elevate the movie's flow. 

All the cast did a great job! From the little kids to the leads to the psychos. Every cast gave their best in this movie as some of the scenes were really tough to pull through, especially for kids. 

The concept of studying psychos was rather interesting ( again no spoilers) I was truly invested in it and wished the movie showed more details on that. Especially RBG’s back story. I wish there were more developments on the back story of RBG. 

So waiting for Agrinai 2 now! For those who don’t know what is RGB then it’s time to watch Agrinai in cinemas now!


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