Not Listening Can Lead To Child Neglect?

Child neglect means a child's need is not taken care off. I am definitely not talking about the current children's needs which are either an Ipad or an Iphone. Without these, they can't live their life and yes I'm not denying the fact I had a phone too at their age. The one which rings the barbie doll song each time I use it to call people.

I am talking about the basic needs of the child. There are millions of factors which contribute to child negligence but here I'm going to talk about listening only. This is because fact says that majority parents do not realise that they are neglecting their child by not listening.

How can by not listening it can lead to child negligence? This is bullshit! What difference it's going to make by listening to a child? As whatever, they have got to say it's not going to be important! Is this what running in your head now? Keep reading then and lets hope whatever I'm going to say next will hit your head.

Have you ever realised that your kids don't share personal stuff like who they hang out with, who is their boyfriend, or what they are doing in their life? This is because you never had time to listen to their small and not so important stories.

The small and not so important stories are the most important story for them. Getting a star in my essay because I wrote a good essay is a big news for me when I was 10 years old. It is not for you. Every time I approach my parents to tell that I got a star, they show no reactions and that stopped me from telling them anything.

See eventually, they will get used to not share anything with you and one day they will forget on how to share stuff with others as well. Some might even keep everything to themselves until depression took over them and bring your kid to hell. Are you going to wait until this to happen?

So start listening and stop child negligence!

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