I Regret For Listening To #arvindrajcovers - Othaiyila feat Music Kitchen Prem D & SID

What hell of a song is this? Whatever it is, it has to go out of the social media because I'm a hell of addicted to it! *Gosh I'm super self-centered! But hey, it's not at all great to listen to a cover under repeat for a million time okay! NOT AT ALL! That's how much this cover have got me. It's even worst when I got no idea on how the original song sounds like.

Believe it or not, I choked and was about to die when I listened to the original song.
Have you ever watched or listened to the original version of it? If you did then you will know what I'm talking about!

Sri Sidhartha
It's crazy how they transformed such a song into what it is now! Hard to deny that the lyrics of the original song is super good but other than that I have got nothing nice to say about the original song.

  Arvind Raj 
This cover was way better than the original song for me because of the music by Music Kitchen (Listen to the cover using a headphone and it's okay to blast as it was so damn good!) and also, of course, Arvindraj's voice! Who am I kidding, he has a mesmerising voice! The first thing I did after I watched this cover is to check other covers of his and yes, he nailed it!

Prem Darsha
Prem Darsha is of course well known for his music along with Sid. They have made a number of mind-blowing covers before and just recently they released a new cover Sia - Greatest Cover by Music Kitchen ft. Kaneges. Check all of their covers here!

Now my question is boys, can I download this cover for free? It's illegal? Okay, I will just drop the idea. :p Anyway, great job guys! Looking forward to more covers of yours!