Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 Show Gala Dinner

Move away, people! Royalty is calling me! At least that’s how I felt when I first entered the entrance hallMiss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 Show Gala Dinner was held at Menara Hua Zong on 28th November 2016. From the red carpet grand entrance to the VIP seat worth RM1000 to the theme being gold or black coat, now tell me what is not royal here? *Am I exaggerating? Maybe! *hair flip

Boy, they got me super speechless at this event! The setting of the place was marvellous and brilliant, especially the Golden Carriage. Though the event was hosted by a Chinese and majority were Chinese in the hall but they still had a translator who translated everything in English. Very thankful for it cause if not I would have cried in that room. Not forgetting the food! OMG! It kept coming and coming that I was helpless at a moment. I have increased 5 kg now because of that day. *kidding

The service was too good and efficient, though. I can't deny, I did eat a lot and my table was a huge mess. One minute it was a big mess and next second the waiter came and cleaned it like it's a whole new clean table. From the plate to the utensils to the tissue to everything was given a note and taken care off.

I drank tea at the event and even though there was flow of alcohols but I wasn't into drinking since I was alone. The moment when my glass got empty, "Boom" the glass filled up itself! Okay fine, the waiter who served us was too efficient that they were well aware of what's going on the table and made sure everything is perfect and every glass is either filled with tea or alcohol. Nothing was left empty. Luxury did scream out loud there! If they can be booked then they are so booked for my wedding which will happen in 10 years time from now. *Maybe

Only now I realised that I didn't talk about the Miss Prestige event at all. Too carried away with the way the whole place looked and also with how I was served. Now back to the event, I was thrilled and dying to know who will be Miss Prestige of course. Many voted for some particular figures and I recognised none so I didn't bother knowing who is who. As always I hope that the most talented person will get the title.

It was seriously an amazing night filled with anxiousness because of not knowing who is going to win. The talent round was okay. I got excited when some did belly dance. One of the models danced as if she trained just a day before but who am I to judge? I barely have a hip compared to hers. LOL! The painting or drawing did by some of them was amazing!  The singers stole my heart as their voice were super mesmerising!

Here comes the most awaited moment!! The Grand Winner of Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 issssssssssss Harcanaa Liljay.

Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016 Winners:

Grand Winner : Harcanaa Liljay
1st Runner-up :Joclyn See
2rd  Runner-up :Elisah Tee
3th  Runner-up:Tracy Lai
4th  Runner-up:Evon Loh
Miss photogenic :Tracy Lai
Miss Perfect Skin :Karina Wong
Miss Friendship :Rita Chao
Miss Popularity :Jesyka Hiu
Best Talent :Michelle Tan
Best Posture:Ghayathri

Overall it was a magnificent experience and congrats Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016  Harcanaa Liljay! All the best for your future undertakings!


  1. It's indeed a great event... Congrats to Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016!

  2. Congratulations to Harcanaa Liljay! Looks like you had a great time at the event too!

  3. What a grand pageant it was and to be able to be part of it... I bet you felt a million dollars that night! Congrats to Harcanaa Liljay! She looked stunning.