Result of my Detox Journey

So it has been 3 weeks since I last tried Mintox detox. I am going to be sharing my experience throughout and also what I felt along the way.

As I said before Mintox Detoxcontains uniqueness that can promote the digestive system, clear intestinal faecal impaction and toxins, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in order to improve the intestinal environment, enhance the patient's immune function, and ultimately cure intractable constipation.

The first day of drinking was rather different than the rest of the days. The flavour of Mintox was a mix of Kiwi and peach. It was different and it had fibre in it which was kiwifruit enzyme extract.

I didn't feel anything for the first few hours. Then I had a mild stomach ache and I was constantly visiting the washroom for internal clearance.

I really did visit the washroom way frequently than the usual. Which became a hassle and thankfully I was home on a break.

I felt scared to try the Mintox the next day but since I told myself that this is going to be a month journey so I kept trying.

The second day with Mintox was better as I visited the washroom lesser and it wasn't as much as the first day. Then the visit the washroom was normal and I was able to take Mintox daily even when I am going to work.

Psychologically, since I am drinking Mintox daily so I was more prone to eating healthily. I obviously didn't avoid eating fritters and all other fried items but instead, I started eating salad and drink more fruit-based drinks.

After 3 weeks now, I can see some improvement when it comes to my skin. My face has fewer breakouts and acne. I was 45 kg before and now I have lost about 1 kg.

Though I was taking detox drink, I wasn't dieting. I wasn't avoiding the nasi kandar and all the fast foods. This is because I didn't focus on losing weight. I just focused on losing the toxin in my body.

Overall, I really like Mintox. To have more details do check their website out at @mintoxmalaysia. Mintox Facebook or contact +601123450201


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