The Princess Switch Review~ Ridiculous!

Completely ridiculous and I am not going to change my mind ever. I was cringing the entire moment after they switched. Here is why!

1. The Lady started cooking

What on earth? We all know that Princess or in this case The Lady doesn't cook as the food is always served to them. Why did she voluntarily went to the kitchen and burned a bread?

Since the baker is A BAKER so it is obvious that she can cook well. The easiest way for others to know that they switched is when the coffee and food The Lady made doesn't taste like how the baker used to do.

2. The Baker Started Baking
This made me sooooo angry. She baked cookies for the Prince. The real The Lady might have never entered the kitchen at all. Isn't it weird that the baker baked as if the Prince is hers and she is trying to impress him? Why must she even bake or even impress the Prince? The real Lady is going to marry the Prince anyway.

Even worse when the Prince asked, "When did the Duchess learn to bake like this?" She answered "My father"! SINCE WHEN THE GRAND DUKE BAKE? OMG! She made me cringe even more.

How if one day, the prince asked the Grand Duke, "How do you bake or something?" Or even how if the Prince asked The Real Lady to bake for him? It is such a ridiculous scene seriously.

They didn't think through. While they focused on making the story magical and amazing, they didn't see the logic behind every connection they tried to make between the baker and the Prince.

3. The Lady didn't act like what she claimed

When the baker told The Lady that the Prince stayed to spend time with her then The Lady should have come back home. She should have spent time with the one she is going to marry. Instead, she let the baker be close to the Prince.

Now, what is the whole point? She claimed that her parents taught her that marriage is about duty and she even said she won't disappoint them. So she will disappoint them by letting another women chill with her future husband?

This entire scene doesn't make sense. Maybe, she could have said that she doesn't like the Prince so she will cancel the marriage at last minute time but before that, she wants to have fun being normal or something.

4. The Baker Revealed Her True Self Too Much

The baker knows that she is temporarily acting as The Lady. Why did she get angry when the Prince doesn't involve her on the Foreign Trade? She kept revealing her true self while she knows she is going to be there as The Lady for 2 days.

The entire time I was cringing because my brain was thinking about, "What happens when the true The Lady comes back?" You think she will be interested in  Foreign Trade?" Won't the prince find out that something is wrong?

She even asked about the shelter and she did so many changes like buying them gifts. The baker acted so recklessly.

Did she realise that revealing so much of her true self like baking and sharing that her father taught her to bake can ruin The Lady's plan? The Real Lady might not even do half the stuff she did while acting like The Lady. So it is quite disturbing and it made me uncomfortable


The story flow of this movie was so illogical right after they switched. I couldn't connect as a fan as I saw so many scenes were not well planned. Yes, it's magical so? Doesn't mean everything will fall into place just like that right?

It could have been a little thought through. The idea was good but not the execution. 

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