How To Stay Positive About Life?

Most of the time, when you cry your heart out to others, the most they can advise you is "stay positive dear." Well, now what exactly stay positive means?

How do you even stay positive when all the emotions are compiling into massive energy and overwhelm you at the most unimaginable way?

1. Accept That "You Are Who You Are"

You are you. You can't change you and be what others are expecting out of you. If you are the person who likes to spend time all alone then don't take the extra initiative to change what you prefer.

Accept what you truly are. If you are clueless about you then study about your own self. Get to know you personally. When reading a novel makes you happy, nothing that others say is going to change your mind now. You know exactly why you are avoiding all the other plans and reading a novel now.

When you accept you as you are, nothing is going to kill the positivity that happens around you when you are doing your happy stuff. In fact, you will feel more confident and super positive as you know exactly why you're doing certain things in life.

2. Set A Goal To Reach

While you are surrounded by grey cloud, you would be able to see a path that leads you out of the grey cloud. Your Goal.

Yes, you would immediately be able to focus on your goal and ignore all the negativity around you. Focus on flourishing and enriching life.

If you are easily distracted, then make sure that each step, though it is a very small step brings you forward towards your goals.

3. Plan Your Day

Wake up to having plans each day. Don't wake up all lost and not knowing what to do. If can plan your day one day ahead. Have a list of things to do.

Wake up with the energy to accomplish things. If you feel like resting than rest well. No mood should make you feel weak. Have a reason to why you deserve the rest. If you feel low then distract yourself with another plan.

Meditate or something. Try downloading a new game on your phone. Try reading a new novel. Figure out what will keep you positive and active throughout the day. Plan it well.

4. Let go

Don't hold it anymore. Whatever that has been breaking you into pieces is now got to leave you. Sometimes, it is you who would have been holding on to it. Let it go.

Try living a life without that negativity and you will start noticing other unopened doors in life. Start to explore and discover other parts of life that you haven't figure yet.

Let the negativity go and start opening your eyes to all the positive things around you.  Sometimes putting closure to your negativity will help you to move on fast. Do it.

5. Be Grateful

Things will go wrong cause somehow life is full of ups and downs. Rather than complaining and feeling low, you can start seeing the positivity behind each problem.

Lost your job? Maybe, this is the time for you to explore yourself and get a better opportunity in life. Be grateful that it happened.

All the things that have happened in your life, be thankful and show them your gratitude. Say thanks for each small help you're getting. Start looking at another side of a thing and appreciate it.

Your perception about a lot of things will change and you will start having only good energy around when you start seeing everything with a grateful mind.

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