How to Cook Frozen Roti, Paratha, Chapathi (Kawan) with Perfection | Indian Bread | [ NO OIL NEEDED]

Looking for a quick alternative to making SOFT AND CRISPY roti from scratch? Perhaps, you can try Kawan Paratha. It is super easy to make ( no need to prepare the dough or to roll out the Paratha, it's all done for you, you just have to cook them) Each roti takes 2-3 mins to get ready.
Best way to cook this Paratha is to leave it on the low heated pan for 30 seconds. Let it rise on its own then toss it around. If not it will ruin your pan. Let it to rise till it gets really crispy on one side and keeping tossing to cook the inside really well and to make it super crunchy. Of course, homemade fresh food is always the best but good to know options out there for busy weeknight dinners. Especially during this lockdown, the roti can be a quick solution to a fast and simple meal that we are looking for. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch and breakfast. I love to add condensed milk as topping so it has sweetness and it can be eaten just like that. Or you can also eat it with last night remaining curry.

Watch the video here:

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