7 Reasons Why You Couldn't Sell On Instagram?

Most of you small entrepreneurs choose Instagram and Facebook as the main platform to sell. One main reason why you could be reading this is that you could be failing so hard that you want to give up. Don't worry, help is here!

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Couldn't Sell on Instagram.

1. Your content is boring

Your video is so boring that it gets more scrolls than your total watch timing. That's why even when you're doing everything right, your video that you put your heart and soul in still fails.

2. You Over - Promote

STOP! Your audience can choose to "mute" while still following you. You don't want that.

3. You post at Wrong Timing

Keep posting at 2 am and only you and your stalker will watch your post :)

4. Your content has no motive or focus

What do you wish to achieve from that particular post? What's the CTA? Nothing? No plans? Still, wondering why your post has failed?

5. You use the wrong hashtags

Stop using #happymorning hashtags when you wish to sell skincare. Please stop.

6. Not Consistent

If you post 2 weeks once, you will definitely reach nowhere. 

7. You don't use stories and maximise Instagram Features

You rarely post on Instagram Story? It could be the biggest mistake ever!

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