How to trust and earn someone's trust in a relationship?

Trust. While most households are in the midst of haywire, I feel like trust is one thing that keeps a relationship intact. Without trust, boy that boat is sinking! So how to trust and earn someone's trust in a relationship?

1. Be open and honest about it

Communication is the key to a beautiful relationship, isn't it? So start there. Let them know your feelings and insecurities. Telling them exactly how you feel might work. But first, you must be open about it and acknowledge those feelings. Their reaction and response might make you feel so much more confident about the relationship. There could be scenarios where you were just overthinking for no reason. Hence, just being open about it, clear the doubts and it will give you clarity about your intuitions.  

2. Listen 

Most of the time when I had trust issues, I had a very hard time listening to my partner. All that was running through my head was my side of the story and I pretty much lived in it. Only when I started listening to the other side of the story, did my perspective change. I didn't know that all I had to do was to listen. So listen. Take your time to digest it, there is no rush in responding to them. Processing both sides of the story helps you to really see things as it is and to be more empathetic. 

3. Respect

Another keyword that holds a relationship strong is respect. Unfortunately in most relationships, the longer and closer we are to someone, the more we tend to show our worst side. Yes, that does mean they or you are taking advantage of that relationship. Respect is the most basic thing we give someone hence, even in the worst situation, giving respect is utmost vital. Disrespect works like a slow poison where eventually your partner might wear out and no longer trust you over time. 

4. Be responsible

We are human at the end of the day. We might mess things up. No matter how messy things get, go back and take full responsibility for it. Acting like it didn't happen, avoiding it or denying it will just make the other party go haywire. So be responsible. Support one another. Own up to your mistakes. 

Of course. saying is easy but actually doing it is tough. Been there done that. Please seek couple therapy if things get tough. Sometimes, getting help from a third party who is a professional is necessary in order to see things as it is.  

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