How To Be More Focused?

How To Be More Focused?


All I have been for these past few weeks is super distracted. My mind is all over the place and I work for 20 minutes and take 3 hour break. Hence, this article on "How to be more focused?"

1. Get rid of the distractions

Put your phone on silent. Close that door. Use earphones so you won't be distracted by the surrounding sound. Set your environment to a working environment first then you can start to work. Also, cleaning your table and keeping it neat will help you focus on whatever you're working on. 

2. Coffee?

I only start working after making a cup of coffee. It is more of a motivation for me to start working. Find your source of motivation. It can be anything. I also love to burn an incense stick whenever I am going to work. It truly set the working mood for me. So find out what works for you. 

How To Be More Focused?

3. Pomodoro Technique

While I had no idea that it is called the Pomodoro Technique but I have read before that a person can only concentrate for a maximum of 45 minutes at a time. So I have always used this method where I study for 45 minutes and rest for 15 minutes. When it comes to the Pomodoro technique, you work for 45 minutes and rest for 5 minutes and then you get to take a longer break of up to 25 minutes after 4 rounds. Hence, you will be fully focused and get ample rest at the same time. This of course only works for those who are disciplined enough to get back to work after the 5 minutes break. Not a lot of people can do it but it is a good start for some. 

4. To-do List

I love to cross the list. I am a Virgo so I love listing and getting them sorted. It is a different feeling when you get to cross every single thing on the to-do list. To do list lets you prioritize things and you would be able to keep track of everything. Failing to do the " To do List" is where you can forget vital tasks and end up not focusing on what truly matters.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that affect someone's focus. You need to make sure that you're not burnt out, and you have to be more mindful towards what you're doing. Meditating and yoga will help you to be more mindful. Eating good food and brain food will also enhance your focus. Multitasking also will make you feel very burnout. Overall, be mindful towards how you're working and change the working method to what suits you best so you will be more focused.  

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