'Signs that your boyfriend loves you' made me go gaga!

So I read this blog where it was about "How to know if your boyfriend respects you?" and I went crazy! This is why I went crazy! They stated there that your boyfriend respects you if he asks for your opinion. Like when he wants to buy something whether it's a new shirt, new dog or what so ever comes to his mind that he wants to buy he actually asks for your opinion first.

Here is what got me thinking, how if the girlfriend prefers a decision maker? Won't the whole idea of the boyfriend asking for her opinion will be a turn-off? Well frankly speaking, I love decision makers and I love it when guys know what they are doing. If they say I want to buy a car then I want them to justify why and its a turn on if their justification is on point.

Well, that means they are independent and they are able to stand for themselves. In fact, in future they would be able to make decisions in split-second cause of all the experience they have now. Isn't it asking for my opinion is more like babysitting them?

How if one day he comes to me and asks where should I work? Must I baby sit him for his whole life when I have a life on my own? Okay I understand that I might take this a little too far but yeah I love guys who knows exactly what they are doing but as the article says that your boyfriend respects you if he asks for your opinion, I would prefer if he comes to me to ask "I don't know which colour to choose." rather than "I don't know what to choose". I prefer an independent alpha guy over any guy in this world.

Love or Lust?

So I saw a couple who was standing in the bus kissing each other while having a great conversation. They would have kissed each other at least 5 times within a minute. See, if they were in European countries then I would have adored them but unfortunately, they were in Malaysia and in Malaysia kissing in public is still a screaming out loud kinda issue.

I'm not at all against them in fact what I'm going tell next is going to surprise you. Well, of course, I got a little jealous when I saw them as I am single and to have a sweet couple making out in front of me definitely makes me miss my past. Oppss yes I have kissed a guy in public and nope I didn't feel shy at all because I loved him and I was crazily in love with him.

Now some senses knocking my head! Was it love or lust I had with him? I broke up with him and all I missed were just the kisses and not him! So it was lust? So that couple is feeling lust instead of love? Is that why they were kissing each other few seconds once? Maybe I should not compare my story with theirs. I will never know until I walk in their shoes. God bless those love birds.