7 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement!

1. Create Savable Content

Before this, Instagram gave importance to Instagram photos that have more comments and likes within an hour of upload. Now after the new update, Instagram is now focusing on "save" and "share". Instagram increases the engagement for contents that have been saved and shared a lot.

Shesha Gravitating Bright Through Bintang!

Have we ever thought of how life is like in a parallel world?

Do they look like us? Do they think like us? Do they fall in love or fight like us, the homosapiens?

Questions will go on and on…

But one man let his imagination travel to a parallel world and brought back enough emotions for his debut EP album called BINTANG. SHESHA is a Malaysian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer who has worked on numerous independent and film music, involving Malaysian & International musicians & artists alike. 

1 Advice That My Counseling Teacher Gave Me and It Changed My Life!

I was 16 then. While my counselling teacher advised me to sit properly, walk like a girl, listen to your parents and a lot more, which I failed to listen too, she also shared this one advice that helped me a lot now.

This advice works for every single situation. Say in a relationship or at the workplace or even when you're with your friends.

Why You Should Avoid Toxic People?

Have you ever spent time with someone and you feel like your energy has been drained? If all that person do most of the time is to bad-mouth someone, or judge your life or discourage you from achieving what you truly want, then you're with a toxic person. 

Trust me, I don't mind spending a fortune to just STAY AWAY from this type of people. 

Urban Yoga, Mermaid Freediving Experience and Staycation at Micasa All Suites!!


Everybody will love a good staycation. Luckily just as it was the weekend of my birthday I was invited to Micasa All Suites Hotel to experience a healthy and luxuries life. When I say healthy, it clearly doesn't sound like me as I usually run away from stuff like yoga and exercising like how I run away from responsibilities. 

Triumph Autumn Winter 2020 Collection

Comfortable, supportive and stylish lingerie to have on your radar

 With 134 years of expertise, Triumph is a renowned German lingerie brand supporting and recognising the everyday and not-so-everyday efforts of women. Known for its dedication to craft, innovation and passion for detail, Triumph understands that fit is everything – it is the most effective way to improve how you look and most importantly, how you feel.

How to Stop Bad Habits? (Shopaholic Version)

Apparently, stress and boredom cause you to indulge in your bad habits. I found it to be true as I always shop whenever I am stressed out. 

It is a hell of habit as shopping kind of soothes me and makes me feel like I am doing something beneficial. In a way, I actually avoid thinking about that stressful moment.

But I end up wasting so much money and I don't even use most of the stuff that I bought. 

How to stop bad habits?

CLiPtec BTW308D Exclusive Launch on Shopee


KUALA LUMPUR, 23 MAY 2020 - With the drive to exceed customers’ preferences and produce excellent, high quality, user-friendly technology that is essential to the ever-changing digital world today, CLiPtec is no stranger to the tech community. With the optimism and determination to invent futuristic products for today’s digital lifestyle, CLiPtec is on track with the latest trend as it introduces its latest Bluetooth earbuds.

Unbearable Pressure!

Too many big dreams, too many failures, too many disappointments despite all the achievements in life will give us at least a little impact even if we don't put it into our head.

For me, all of these disappointments gives me huge anxiety. I am always worried about my future. I am always unhappy though I have too many great projects to work with.

Staycation At The Light Hotel Penang, 5 Star Premier Business Hotel in Seberang Jaya, Penang

Since I rant about food a lot, many would have known by now that I am from Penang. It was a lucky coincident that as I had to head Penang for an occasion, I was also invited to The Light Hotel Penang for a stay.

So, I pleasantly planned a staycation with my mum as she was the only one who was available. The moment I reached The Light Hotel I was in awe. I understood why they named the hotel as The Light Hotel.